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Yeah i mean i maybe this is i think very human problem the sort of like what will remain what will my life significance be but i think even the rise of social media the number of like teenage girls on subway cars like taking pick their selfish together and being like picker didn't happen like there's this i think there's this we all have this desire to document our lives in a certain way to cement it because we want evidence in some way and for and for this generation and going forward there everything will be documented but then the question becomes who sifts through how do you sift through when do you because if everything is documented then everything is sort of equally meaningless unless somebody goes in curious but maybe the things the way we're documenting things now won't exist and we look at like early computer technology like people are still having trouble figuring out how to code the first disc that we made like the lifespan of those things are really short certainly like the the personal websites we were all making and early two thousands like no longer exists it's completely different internet technology i mean who knows what the internet is gonna look like in twenty years and how much will actually last reading your book i was thinking of this home by yates that i wanted to share maybe talk about because i think it gets a little bit at it gets a little bit at the struggles that you were going through as a young person that you write about in the book and it gets also at i i think in some interesting ways maybe the work of making a graphic novel this monumental and sifting through all the stuff as we were talking about so if you'll indulge me i'm going to read a short william butler yeats poem here.

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