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We were all having the conversation about fake crowd noise, No crowds. What do you pipe in? What do you not? Of all the sports in football, the one that's just going to sound the most bizarre. Without that in the background. I mean, Tim scream and feels great baby, and then you hear like an echo feels great baby feels great baby feels great. It's just That's going to be ah, that's going to be really, really difficult, Tio To stomach but at the same time if we get football at all, I think we will all we will take that Aaron Rodgers at the Celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe yesterday. I was like that that someone was like, What's the biggest question with regard to you know, everything that needs to be worked out for the football season is just like are we kind of have a season? That's that's the question. And by the way, all the other stuff that you're hearing about. I actually don't think it's a big deal at all. It will totally get worked out. In the NFL. We are not about to head into a baseball style labor disagreement between owners and players in the NFL won't happen. Not gonna happen. I promise you Ah! Will it delay the start of camp? That's possible just because there are a lot of items to go through, and let's be honest. Nobody's all that motivated to get to camp. Deadline's deadlines or what sort of decide What's gonna happen, and when and if the players were sitting there going, we don't want preseason games. Why would everyone be motivated to get all of this discussion done in time to get to camp for preseason games? When nobody wants any preseason games? Let's talk to Maddie Naoko about it. NBC Sports Bay Area Matt How worried about what's going on? Nothing too much. I'm doing well, How's everything there? Everything is cool. I was just saying, you know, all of this discussion about whether or not the two sides are going to agree could delay the start of camp. I don't think this is gonna look anything like what baseball did. And could there be some minor disagreements? Could it drag on a little bit, I guess, but I look at everything on the list for the NFL to figure out and I'm like they'll figure that out the they'll be fine, don't you think? You would hope so. But you know, in time their finances involved, and you know, the NFL is talking about putting a percentage of pretty large percentage of salaries and escrow. You're talking about. You know the NFL players not wanting you wanting their full money now or whenever they should get it. Ah, they want the guaranteed money to be exactly that guaranteed in case there are no games played guys who have guaranteed salaries. In some cases want that money? Uh, so I mean, there are some issues to work through. Not just not just financially, but also the working conditions. What precautions are are in play just how things were going to work. How testing's gonna work, so I think it's You know, I I guess deadlines always gonna spur action. And it certainly would appear like the end of this week is ah, deadline. Considering that training camp is set to begin the following week, with the least players coming in to their respective teams, So I do think there are issues that need to be worked out. But it doesn't appear, I guess along with what you're saying it doesn't appear a Ziff. There's such a huge difference of opinions. Unlike how baseball seemed to be for quite awhile, there that it would cause A complete shutdown of the NFL. It might delay it a little bit, but you know, we'll shut it down completely. I don't think that that will be the necessarily the stumbling block Maddie. I want to get to most heard and some other stuff with the 40 Niners but with the big news this morning, which is not surprising at all, but that the Washington team is now Finally admitting they will change their name. They haven't said What that new name is going to be. I wonder how far you think that this is going to go. Is this going to get to the two the Chiefs and and and what might happen there? Yeah, that's that's a good question. The thing about Washington. I mean, everybody's known that it's that was just so over the top of a racist name. So You know, I think that that was mean I why, that wasn't done no more than a decade ago. I mean, I I don't know. It seems to me that Ah, you know, there is you can have money involved in it because you're fans of the team are going to go out and buy even more merchandise. So I'm not sure why. That That decision wasn't made a long time ago. I guess just pride and not feeling just feeling like you know, the ownership there is in control and you're not going to tell me what to dio. But I don't know. I mean, I know that you know a lot of California high schools. High schools across the country have abandoned names of that of that sort. I don't know exactly. I haven't heard necessarily the hue and cry for some of the other team names to change. I mean, they're certainly been You know the Ah I guess the the insignia of the logo's that have Native American imagery. You know those I think, certainly need to G O some of the mascot cartoonish mascots, if you will, but I don't know that. It certainly doesn't seem like anything is a foot as faras getting the Kansas City to change its name. I wonder if it's more in the Braves in the in baseball have sort of already indicated this. I wonder if this is going to get more to fan behavior as opposed to imagery. And team names because the chief's Florida state the Braves, a lot of them do this. This shop, which I got itl I made a lot of us have been bugged by it for years. I got to think that's they gotta find a way for that to come to an end, don't you think? I would think so. And I think that you know, obviously the sound systems, you know, encourage it without music they're playing. And so that would be the first step. And I don't think you can. You can't ban a section of the crown from I'm doing it, but Ah, you know, bye. You don't have to encourage it either. And I think that is probably the next staff words with the you know the ending of The music that props everybody, Jack like lemmings and do the Tomahawk chop. Matty Naoko, NBC Sports Bay Area with us. All right. How do you think this moster thing plays out? Boy. I just don't see the 40 Niners budging. Maybe if if something happens down the road, but Yeah. They signed the Mostar to a three year deal just last year at this time, and I think they don't want to get in that situation there very much about precedent. You know, they always have been about your contractual precedent, and they have their way of doing contracts, and they have their way of Ah, you know, if if a player you're what a re negotiating a contract that's been side, But in this case, and it is a unique situation in the 40 Niners don't want to get put in that position where they set this precedent of you signed a three year contract. Can you play exceptionally well after year one. And now let's rip it up and give you a you know, 100% pay increase. I don't see them. Certainly They don't want to do that. Will they be forced into doing that? I mean, I think it's going to be a battle. It depends on how Determined. Raheem Mostert is and his agent Brett Tessler to see this thing through..

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