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Deck might have been the reason in the person tomorrow the guy but without ziege without the ability to open up that passing game it's been a different cowboys team but by the way nother story than we've we've talked about it jerry jones and his power in his confidence in his region is hold on the nfl really important not just to cherry but to the psyche that team i'm telling you 'cause i've covered teams before when a football team as bad drama a poison culture when there's a sense of paranoia and fear and they will set in a in a football organisation unlike any other mba or baseball things go south one of the consequences of nfl teams treating themselves like the the cia you go to arrowhead if you go to any stadium in the country and i say arrowhead because i used to rival that chief team relevant kansas city they literally confuse themselves for langley they take themselves so seriously the idea that information becomes over the top but i'll use arrowhead as an example most places back in the day the reporter we go into a pressroom and you that you know you'd be in the facility and are the stadium at arrowhead they make the reporters ghana room that is lots the upa get anywhere else and if you want to use the restroom we have to bang on the door and push the button the no one answers and you wait so long it to make a decision between is that really that cold outside of all their press charges if i get caught in the bushes or do away from them to come get me in the security guard to walk into the restroom that's a true short it's a rally today because they treat information and they treat themselves like they're so important as a paranoid up about not just the media but like other teams getting access to what they're up to and it creates this sort of air of fear and this air of control and so when things get bad i was around that she's team when peel the scott pelley center came to an end with what happens in the front office.

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