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Lives. My name is Charles Kubo Coa, and I am the co inventor of the aircraft's seating, the tempo foam, which is the thing. That happens any kind of G forces applied to it. In the nineteen sixties NASA. Test engineers, Chuck Kuba cow and Charles Joost to develop an airplane seat that would help protect pilots and passengers and a crash as Chuck notes absorbing gravitational floors was the key and we had to look for every small detail how to suppress the G forces from going into the human body, we hit upon the idea of getting real good cushions to of jeez, they research different kinds of phone for the cushions. But was out. There didn't meet their requirements, and it often burst into flames. So they decided to create their own Joost would adapt the chemical formulation as Chuck consultant on everything from even weight distribution to deteriorate. To non flammability to posture the list one on anything that we thought of we Akon afford them perform, I couldn't think anymore. Our side. They came up with a material that contours to the curves of the human body and eliminates pressure points. If there's an impact the force is evenly absorbed without shock abounds and returns to its original state when the pressure is removed. They called it.

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