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See so much work. I'm doing that. Is what the the most i like to great. And what makes it more in and his wife. They have such clear ideas of what it is that the first interview they were saying. We want this this this this and this and i love that. Give me. i told clinton give me a wishlist. I then i can make more of it. Come true than you think. Even stuff. I mean you know i. I've done firemen's poles go gallant floor. Don't tell the it's around the house to law in caroline some improvement every nikkei g. and caroline's got a piece of pizza because we all went out and got pizza. We gotta introduce our friend our guest today. David applebaum architect of stars. Hello brother i to carolina. Be an era jian. David doesn't rhyme so there. We go david a so. We gotta talk a little bit of minute. We've got to get some pizza credit here because you know last segment last hour. We're talking pizzas kind of the side discussion and we all got our pizzas here. Then as you could tell caroline's working on hers as we talk so hungry. I had to pop one in myself. Awesome the play along. Eric is under the delusion that oregon according to bloomberg makes the best feats now. David knows the northeast. He knows new york come on. You've really telling me that new york new jersey doesn't make the best pizza or they make the best taylor..

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