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I'm Laurin Schiller and today on inflection point in is all about controlling reproduction. And I do think we need to know that deeply because otherwise we don't understand that it is the basic battle that controlling our own physical selves, especially for women is the first step in any democracy. Either. We decide what happens to our bodies. We can use our own voices, or there is no democracy. After that, listen to my live conversation with Gloria Steinem and Oakland artists and activists Foudy honor Rodriguez. Stay tuned. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. The US house his voted to end u s military involvement in the Saudi led war in Yemen. As NPR's Kelsey Snell reports the resolution now goes to President Trump who's threatening to veto it. The vote is seen as a rebuke of the Trump administration support for Saudi Arabia, sixteen Republicans voted with Democrats to approve the resolution which passed the Senate last month. The Trump administration now has thirty days to halt military aid for the war in Yemen. But Trump is expected to veto the resolution, I this would be the second time Trump has used as veto power. As president the first time was less than one month ago. After congress rejected his move to declare a national emergency to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Kelsey Snell NPR news, the capitol Washington. Stop ethics. Officer is refusing to approve a financial disclosure statement by US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. And PR speeder over beaver force that Mnuchin is the third Trump cabinet appointee to file problematic disclosure reports. Besides minutia treasury commerce secretary Wilbur Ross and former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, couldn't bring their disclosures up to the standards of the office of government ethics, but the head of OG Emory round to the third said minutiae case isn't as severe Mnuchin has potential conflicts of interest because he has a stake in his wife's film production company. She's actress and entrepreneur, Louise Linton and ethics officers. The treasury department. Okay. The arrangement two years ago, but didn't tell OG still rounds. His now said Mnuchin ethics filing is in compliance and Mnuchin has committed to making additional recusals is needed to avoid the potential conflicts. Peter Overby NPR news, Washington. President Trump is tapping businessman Herman Cain to fill of agency on the Federal Reserve Board. Cain was CEO of Godfather's pizza, but maybe best known for. Posing a flat tax rate of nine percent during his two thousand twelve bid for the president. He dropped out of the race in wake of sexual misconduct allegations, which he denied Trump calls. Kane a friend and a terrific person. Boeing says it still working on a software update to prevent on intended activation of the automated system on it's seven thirty seven max planes CEO Dennis Muilenburg promises that the systems faulty sensor will be repaired. It's our responsibility.

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