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County over implementation of sex education that addresses The needs of LGBTQ students. A, lot of the program went into effect in two thousand sixteen but it still hasn't been implemented in some, school districts Orange County board of education member Ken Williams tells KNX emotions are running very high we're, seeing people from both sides everybody's demonizing pointing fingers at one. Another and you know we're trying to hold ourselves out as professionals and Colegio and trying to have a civil. Debate and discussion at a public. Board meetings and everybody's getting very emotional about this subject material the board is set to hold a forum on. The issue in September but an attorney with the ACLU. Says it's deeply concerning that the laws still hasn't been implemented two. Years after it was supposed to. Go into effect. Heartbreaking scene outside a church near. Lancaster the funeral held for young Anthony envelopes prosecutors say that. Ten year olds was abused tortured murdered by his own mother and, her, boyfriend the. Church doors open. To the freese led the procession to the curb with pallbearers rolling out Anthony's Casket people were sobbing as it was loaded into the hearse It. Was like everybody felt so bad for. This system is killing our kids do some very somber The pastor reportedly told. Those at the service that children should not. Have to go to heaven to not be in. Pain the family rushed. Off, to the cemetery afterward. Anthony's aunt was in tears as she hurried off. I gotta go on sorry let's go Anthony's uncle one of the. Pallbearers said the service was Tom Yeah it would you know. We'll always remember as a hero the families demanded a criminal investigation of the department of children and family services and the social workers involved in Anthony's case. They believed the system failed him in courts hill John Baird KNX ten seventy NewsRadio a two year..

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