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Of she beats like staying in darkness. I don't want to see it. Today's guests. From NBC sports, Peter king. Emmy Award winning actor, Henry Winkler, co host of CBS mornings, Nate pearlson, and now. It's rich I saw yeah, everybody. Welcome this edition of the rich eisen show. All this news that we say today, we guarantee its realness and its freshness. And there's no fake news here. If we say anything that's not accurate, it's just we don't know. Does that make sense? Good to see you over there, Chris brockman, how are you, brother? Hey, I'm great. DJ Mikey D is indeed not good morning. Well, all the candles are pretty much done, man. I get to get amber at wood street candles to send us some more. But yeah, that would have a candle. There we go. But one of the good ones. Yeah, look. We're right here on the Roku channel. Peter king is going to join us in about 18 minutes time. For instance, the news being real. He found out from Andy Reid, not in the Super Bowl, the two touchdowns that put the chiefs up for the first time, and then up by 8, those two wide open touchdowns to kadarius Tony and sky Moore who, by the way, weren't on the chiefs at this point last year, he found out it's the play from straight from an place called corn dog. And the fact that I lead the show with this just proves to you, there's no more football being played. And wait to hear what we're really going to dig into in a second. Peter is going to join us on this program. Derek Carr as we all knew was going to happen. He's got he got released yesterday. He is a free agent right now. He could talk to whoever he'd done well, please. He won't be official to the new league gear begins. But yes, yes, he agreed to turn. Agreed to terms? Which one does the new lead? I believe it is march 14th. Yeah. Because I got march 11th march 12th. I got an email in the middle of the Super Bowl asking, can I do that show? Am I free to do that program on NFL network? Which is great after 20 years. 20 years ago, they're like, you're doing that. Now they're checking your availability. March 15th, a month. March 15th, the negotiation period. Legal tampering. That's what I'm doing. It's 13th for the 15th. I'm doing the show on the 13th. Yeah. Yeah, baby. Legal tampering. Oh, baby. Good times. Good times, right here on the old rich eisen show with Peter king. We also have on this program, the great Nate burleson, who nailed the winner of Super Bowl 57, the final score of Super Bowl 57 in the MVP of Super Bowl 57. And the final throws of the 8 and a half hour edition of NFL game day morning on Sunday and we figured he should come here and take a victory lap. We could have taken a victory lap, I can't say he's the biggest Patrick Mahomes fan. I know there's stone street, there's Rudd. There's all those Kansas City folks, but he's definitely the biggest Patrick Mahomes fan. I know that's ever kick started a jukebox into working. He is Henry Winkler. And his love affair with Patrick Mahomes became full bloom when he was on this program in June. June bloom, when he just interrupted me and asked me if I knew Patrick Mahomes, and then we all know from that appearance, Patrick Mahomes found out about Henry's love and he then invited him to hang out with his family when they came here to Los Angeles to play the Chargers midseason and then now he's the Super Bowl MVP and Patrick Mahomes is now in the Pantheon of all time greats. And I personally think Henry Winkler put him there. And that's the way I feel. You see what Henry has to say? As you know, he is one of the greatest humans on Planet Earth. And I figured what better way to set things up for the crazy ass parade in Kansas City, Missouri today than by having Henry Winkler, China. It is pretty cool that we know Patrick Mahomes, though. We do know Patrick well, it's cool. Yes. It is pretty cool. And that if somebody comes on here and speaks something into this microphone, technically it can be spoken into existence. And I think that's a very powerful platform that we have here on the Roku channel and SiriusXM in this terrestrial radio affiliate and Odyssey in our YouTube page in a rich eisen show collection video on demand service. And our podcast comes with great responsibility, rich. It does indeed, which means we better get the darkness therapy facts, right? It couldn't have been more wrong yesterday. We'll hit on that later on. Our bag. Corrections. And sorry. That'll be later on. You can't just say it's fine just because you are the most wrong out of all of us being wrong, Chris. Hold on a second. Research and things on a show that's airing. You know that as we're wearing. We'll get to that later. You guys saw me on weather. That's

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