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The republicans have brainwashed their people say freedom means go it alone i got my guns on free right and they merged this word freedom with go it alone randi weingarten of the the head of the teacher's union she she figured it out and i read it in mike lilting articles everybody gets credit i don't steal anybody's material go ahead and it's all yours well i'm sorry i hit the wrong button diane go ahead i just didn't know i don't know how much to add to that but i just kid that specific question because i didn't know why they would get the benefits if they don't be there do because i mean that's the short answer meters it's a line whose line is it is it again law the state of illinois okay well that doesn't seem quite fair to me i have zero tolerance for that well zero tolerance i'm writing a whole a whole thing about zero tolerance you know does eero tolerance that came up with the euro tolerance for the immigrants coming here and i've got a lot of zero tolerance well you have zero tolerance for who who do you have zero tolerance for i don't have my seat in front of getting i haven't i haven't posted it yet on facebook i have zero tolerance for trump i have zero tolerance for his cabinet i didn't name name name names but people will no one talking about god and what you know what administration i'm talking about but i have zero tolerance for a lot of issues that were that were here's the problem diane when you have zero tolerance when you have zero tolerance for more than one issue and and somebody violates your zero tolerance on more than one issue which one takes priority all of them hey that's yogi berra when you come to a fork in the road take it dan thanks so much for the call i appreciate it this is the problem with the purity tests right if you've got multiple periods as easy to disqualify somebody diane thank you very much for playing along sticking with me i do appreciate it and look there really is no such thing as a dumb question and let me give you let me give you one that i get pretty frequently but not everybody who sends me this kind of question labels it a dumb question so if you hear yourself asking the question you said but i didn't label it a dumb question not everyone does only a few have but a few people think that what i'm about to relate to you and it's a very popular question is a dumb question and it is not so here goes the mail goes norm can the supreme court abolished term limits for donald trump the answer's no because term limits are in the us constitution they're a constitutional amendment supreme court does not have the power to declare constitutional amendments unconstitutional if we're going to start declaring and by the way a constitutional amendment is a part of the constitution just because it's amendment doesn't make it lesser or weaker or any less part of the constitution if you have a contract and you amend the contract that amendment become a lesser part whereas just part of the contract amend the contract amending document means you're making it a part of the document so when we amended the constitution to say two terms for a president it's the constitution fact it's an amendment doesn't give you extra permission to overturn it supreme court and they know that so if we're going to start if we start throwing out parts of the constitution let's throw out the united states senate i because the united states senate is unconstitutional because it's not one person one vote all right tim thanks for being with us oregon tim i've been listening to you since the ed scholtz days and this is the first time we've ever talked so it's really great to talk to you honored man thank you very much hey i'm calling about me is calling the last hour about the progressive purity police and i guess i'm an honorary member the purity police because i did vote for hillary in the last election i helped my nose but i just for this exact reason with what's going on in the supreme court you can't have trump doing that one was that the progressive purity police is we do we do that to make us feel good and i think the.

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