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KCBS? It's Friday night September fourteenth coming up on KCBS. CBS news special report, the Carolina coast are being battered by Florence and update again straight ahead from CBS be ahead of this weekend's comedy day in Golden Gate park. The city has officially changed. Sharon meadow to Robin Williams meadow and the warriors Mark a milestone in their plan to move to San Francisco. More on this story coming up in this half hour with our Doug sovereign. Good evening. I'm Larry Sharoni KCBS news time, eight thirty one. And now the latest on tropical storm Florence from CBS news CBS news update. Now tropical storm Florence continues. The barrel the Carolinas Richard Pasch at the National Hurricane Center has the track this hour moving very slowly. And the center is just inland from the coastline not very far from modal fully about fifteen miles really west west of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, all five people have died so far and there are more than seven hundred thousand. Without power Priscilla, Wilmington, North Carolina, a woman and her infant daughter died here what a tree fell on their house during hurricane Lawrence. A man was hurt and was taken to a hospital there storms highest wind gusts. Here was a hundred five miles per hour. There's widespread property damage with Betty roads blocked by trees and debris along with high water. Hundreds of thousands are without power eastern, North Carolina. South Carolina's governor says four hundred forty one thousand people there have been evacuated. CBS news update. I'm that piper. KCBS news time eight thirty to the warriors topped after the arena in San Francisco's Mission Bay today, which means chase center is just a year away. From completion KCBS reported exuberance says the team through party for the hundreds of workers, creating their new home. The last girder was put in place atop the new eighteen thousand seat arena on third street a moment of pride for warriors president Rick welts now it's one of the milestones. We've been looking forward to. To since his project started hoisting that last beams talk with all of the signatures of everyone who's worked so hard on this project. So that's pretty thrilling for us. And it's a big milestone, hundreds of construction.

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