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Realizes that well immediately realizes reveals to us later that she is in the wrong place they should go you your memories of her and she says while the name is correct but those are my memories and i never did any of these things it turns out she was a real jerk back on earth but i'm about half way through the series right now and it's it's clever eight reminded me a little bit of commitment not an and thirty rock clever not quite as fast and rapid fire and not quite as clever as that but there's there's some funny lines in it and they're doing interesting things with this whole premise which is quite nice uh and um ted danson surprisingly good okay he can be hit or miss from me yet but i would say if you need something uh that's not challenging again if you need a bubble gum the sitcom for lack of a better word this is a good one which which again like everybody needs whether it is a tv show or a movie something to put on will you fold laundry something to put a hun while you were doing something else yeah so this kind of fits that category at pressure and finally better call saw just finished up that new season through i that i have been hearing that it is incredible yeah i have been hearing that it is better than breaking bad and i don't know if you can compare that you honestly it has the same feel but definitely different arc yeah i just i gave it to episodes in season one and i was not really loan away so i have not gone back but i just i keep hearing amazing things it's really providing the connective tissue between our where saul goodman got his start in the world up to where he meets up with walter wait does anything fuel because whenever they do these prequel type things especially this is going on now three seasons does it is it's starting to feel forced is starting to feel like they're trying to make those hooks and canales you're you're saying into breaking bad or distorted its own thing.

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