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In the fall of nineteen ninety eight an elderly woman known as the Cat Lady went missing. She had a very Very Distinctive Silhouette and very recognizable. When so you're walking into town a handkerchief on her hair long overcoat like somebody that lived on the street? All police could find were thirty. Thirty cats shot dead. I always knew something happened to her disadvantage like that uncover the cat lady case from CBC ABC podcasts. This is a CBC podcast Galloway. This is podcast from the January. Twenty seventh edition of the current a Toronto Raptors been attributed up. There's a twenty four second shot clock and of course Kobe Bryant wore number twenty four and I wonder if that is what is happening in in honor of him. Twenty four second shot clock expired remarkable scene yesterday at the beginning of Toronto Raptors game the Raptors in the San Antonio Spurs pay tribute to NBA Great. Kobe Bryant Bryant running down the twenty four second shot clock in honor of the number that he wore twenty four. Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash. In California yesterday eight other people including including his daughter were also killed Gomez. Kelly has written about Kobe Bryant extensively over the years and he's with me in studio now. Good morning morning. How would you describe Kobe? Bryant has a basketball go. I would say a brilliant an incredibly brilliant but complicated figure transformative I think the modern NBA. And I'm not talking about the tactics of the way they play but the way the NBA carries itself. It's dominance throughout the world is perhaps the world's most fascinating league a lot of that is down to him. Why what what did he do? There are other superstar superstar. Certainly what did he do. That was transforming. I would suggest that the thing that Ryan did that. You know it's hard not to call them Koby The thing that Kobe did that other other players couldn't do is that he brought this mercurial persona this need to attract attention on and off the court and a sort of arrogance the translated with fans in a way that mere play couldn't I think the way I put it. Today's he was social media before there was social media. He was a person that used the price us who berated his teammates who castigated his opponents who was against everyone tilted every windmill and people found that fascinating and the important important thing of course is that he could back it up. He was probably the most brilliant player of his generation fascinating. backstory grew up in a basketball family and grew up in Europe before he moved back to North America. who was Kobe? Bryant and in that context in that context Kobe Bryant was a a child that was bred for greatness whose parents had decided in his youth he would be special in some way. That wasn't necessarily basketball. But it turned out that weighs father play professionally overseas. He was home schooled and so when he arrived. Eddie arrived with this incredible cockiness and self assuredness that people really hadn't seen before he was able to display in a bunch of different languages. -solutely was multi-lingual. You know it was pointed out that he could have got a scholarship the US based on his academics not as athletics so he was someone someone who was bred for greatness and carried that through like never seemed to lose that self belief even when we know forget it wobbled at the beginning wasn't quite the player. He was initially advertised as he had to grow into that role and came in straight from high. I school that's exactly right. He was one of the last to do it. His career there are people in Canada who will remember higher low point in which he scored eighty one points against the Toronto Raptors. What did that tell you what he was capable of that he could? It was two things that happen there I to score eighty. One Point is insane in that game he took forty six shots. The Raptors total so about ten players to seventy six so we. He didn't lack for self belief. That was the thing is that most players will never score that automatics. Most players will not take that many shots and they will try passing off at some point but he just felt he was in a rhythm and kept going later. He called that he didn't talk about The physical physical need of doing it. He's talked at his feet of the imagination. That only he could imagine so big to score eighty one point in the imagination of basketball fans. And you saw this yesterday not just social media but if you talk to basketball fans of a generation of his generation he was the greatest player he mean to Tabasco ball players and fans of the current generation. Because there's Michael Jordan and there's Larry Bird and there's there's a long list of of extraordinary players but in that generation. He seemed special. Well the thing is I think McKee Kobe. Bryant had a Shakespearean Art to his careers is three. Kobe's there's the initial Kobe that wins the first championships and becomes you. Know the the the rising star in the NBA NBA. The new Michael Jordan. Probably the second best shooting garden history after Jordan. Then there is the sex assault accusation at which point his reputation is brought low understandably. Then there is kind of a dark koby period after that when he becomes quite embittered and retreats into himself and then there's that necessarily third arc mark when he becomes the elder statesman that went on for quite a while. That's the player I think. Players of this generation remember when he became a kinder gentler. Koby he he was still. You still could kick against the pricks many hot too. But he was the sort of person that took people under his wing and was more open to new players as you mentioned at the height of his success success. He's accused of sexual assault. He's arrested never tried Settled a civil suit related to this out of court. The story was that this would have destroyed his His career now if this had happened now in the era of me to in an era of heightened awareness around sexual assault That he would have never come back he did come back. And how do you rebuild his his career and his image. After the I think the thing that athletes the advantage. If that's the word we WANNA use that. Athletes athletes have in. This is that you know whereas other careers when something like this happen necessarily stop athlete. There's a huge investment in them. Their career continues because they're under contract in most cases. And so you have your way to play your way out of it fairly or unfairly and people have very strong opinions on that but because he continued to be great and because he continued to win and championships later on people simply forgave is the right word they simply move past it. How does that count the legacy that you see him leaving? It certainly complicates his legacy. I think that's where people to say to themselves At this comes down to I would think an art versus the artist question. I think thank you can appreciate the art without necessarily endorsing every single thing about the artist. There is a view that is shared that The statistics don't define his legacy gacy in some ways that he had all the numbers. But that isn't the full picture. No I think that's absolutely true because it is what we think people will remember about Kobe. Bryant a generation ration- from now is not that he was the fourth leading score of all time or the five championships are the remarkable eighteenth street. All Star Games What it is? The Person Colby. Oh be encouraged players in the NBA. I think writ large to be more themselves to be more honest In the media. But what they thought was going on on to be crueler which people are always attracted to. I mean nobody. Nobody was crueler to his teammates. Think coby Bryan people loved it and also also to see themselves as something more than basketball in sports standards. He was a renaissance man. This guy spoke Italian. He played the piano. Appreciate it art. He was probably the first north. American can athlete that gave people permission to like soccer because he was such a big fan of it. So this is someone that was a lot more than what he did on the court beyond. The numbers is heartbreaking video. That's been circulating regulating Of Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel show speaking about his daughter who was also killed in the helicopter crash yesterday talking about how she was a basketball player and and when people came up on the street and talk to him he looked at her in some ways as furthering his legacy What does that tell you about who he was as a person people say that that not just? There's a father better. Somebody who became an advocate for women in sport. Yeah in a massive AD. Could he'd recently said that he thought women should be playing in the NBA. Not at some future point but right now this is someone who saw himself. He was raised as a legacy. That was the entire point of his of his child obviously wanted to carry that on. He didn't see his greatness. I I think is imbued entirely in himself. which a lot of a lot of great people do he saw? That is a generational patrimony that he was going to pass on. Call Paul Callan. It's good to have you here. Thank you good to be. Call Kelly as a columnist with the Globe and Mail for more C._B._C.. PODCASTS GO TO C._B._C. Dot C._A. Slash podcasts..

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