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So epoch and. Now. It'll happen happen. We'll be the first the world of again I'm hoping. Yeah, everything but the ballpit you know what? I mean the both hands. It can never have a bald again the ball pits over for the rest of our lives. So Okay. So one thing we got a lot of like listeners that are talking about their relationships and struggles and you know and we call people out on cheesy shit all the time and so the part of your documentary about love that I loved as when you are with this guy and he liked put I, love you and rose petals in the bed and you walk in and it was like happel that using this is the stupidest shit you've ever seen in your life and your. Camera and I was like, Paris all like. Oh my God, we like seriously do the dishes and rub my feet like I do not need arose pedal bed. That's all I'm saying men out there listening. I think if you're actually in love and like it was something romantic and like name. But when you thought someone was beyond and they do that. Yeah. Like even more beyond than I thought like please. I love. This is actually probably my favorite quote of all of my life is when you took away, we say certain parts of this documentary. took away the skies. And you go. I can't believe I've never done this before I took away his artist respond it was the meanest thing. Anybody and I'm like really resonated for us. That's actually. My friends everybody is. IS THE MOST ICONIC WINE And like people that can relate to that. So. You. Ripping. Those off arm such an amazing feeling because I never stood up for myself. Are, wise. Juice so so many terrible things to me I. Never said anything and that was. I actually took control was like you know what? Off and this here and rip those bracelets off and that was one of the most like empowering feelings ever. Know what I love this and listen when I was watching when we're watching the documentary were like. You know if Paris Hilton can get caught in the Dick sand, which is what we call it. When you get caught in your like your you know it's bad. But you can't stop you know if you and everything you have and your brains and beauty and. You can get trapped in it like we're all screwed you know and but what I love I love that we were watching you sort of come into yourself during the filming of us like you couldn't have plan you know but here it is and you're doing the biggest show you've ever done in your life and this guy is so insincere he's trying to bring you down because he doesn't want you to soar and I hate a man like that. I was married to a guy like that like it just is so so brutal. So I love that you showed everyone like you take that artists pass and you move on but there's this whole other level of. Of Openness in the documentary. Are you nervous for the world to see it? Yes. Yeah. When I first started doing this film the original premise with just because I was so sick of the rumors of the misconceptions people thinking I'm just like the. AIRHEAD was no idea what's going on had everything handed the jurors had easiest life and no one knows what I've been through. I was I just wanted to show up crowd I am of what I've done. And Ben all of this other stuff came out but Yeah I'm just proud. When I've been through hell and back the fact that I am so strong I could make it through anything and I hope it's an inspiration to other girls. If they're going through something like that a third be pressured into doing something they don't WanNa do if they're being abused to stand up for themselves and say something and get out of there and. Just. We just no woman should ever treated that way and I hope that People Watch this and they've been through what I've been through the they can be strong and tell their story and get the hell out of there I. Love that. And the trust issues like how could you not have them and do you think that there do you think that there's a possibility in her life that you can get past this and trust because it was like your sister said, she was like you know Paris has a lot of people a lot of employees a lot of people around you a lot of yes men you know, how do you trust people? How do you trust? They're not selling stories about you know one even when you're mentioning about your family as well where it's like it's hard to even trust like the closest people to you. been. Really Rough. Literally because of what I've been through I, obviously a built up his giant wall around my heart and mind where I would not let anyone in and. Just couldn't trust anyone I in burn even after dealing with going to the schools being abused and coming out of they're getting in these relationships at the most terrible people. It's just It was hard to ever really let anyone in. And finally, for the first time in my life I, have my boyfriend which I make so in love with and deserves my trust. Opened my heart in that I've never thought was possible and I never thought it was possible to be this. Happy. I always pretended to be happy and pretended like I had this perfect life but I never really felt that way I just wanted. Didn't want to think about it and I wanted people to. Think I was happy because I thought it was part of the brand, but now to actually feel like this. Is just most magical young in the world. Ads. Really. Cool to see you evolve because I think I so long you like you said it was like protecting the brand you had to be the perfect person and can't complain because Paris has it all and it's like I think right now is such a huge time for women with social media. We've all been were so fed up with perfection and the timing of this film is just amazing and you can tell that it's not contrived..

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