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Well, you have the Senate unveiling unveiling should say they're skinny. THEIR SLIMMED-DOWN CORONA virus bill question is, will it be good enough for house? Speaker Nancy Pelosi I. Think we all know the answer to that question. We'll get into that in just a few seven three now thirteen ten Kfi k a thirteen ten. KFI K. A. DOT COM northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail, from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios, we gave you the good news about fifty seven hundred being the magic number of fans that will be allowed in the stands when the broncos played the Tampa Bay buccaneers Tom Brady. September twenty seventh but. Some bad news as well. Come across the Pike when it Comes to the broncos. DENVER broncos outside Linebacker von Miller. Scorn into a piece by. John. Heath in the broncos wire von Miller is being evaluated after suffering a lower leg injury at practice on Tuesday. It's a serious injury that. Might Sideline Miller for the entire season this according to NFL networks in rappaport. Team will actually know more about the timeline for recovery after he undergoes an MRI, this according to a piece. That was updated last night at eight forty seven. PM Get out of broncos wire. Miller. Suffered what is being referred to as a quote freak close quote ankle injury freak, and ankle injury. The injury happened near the end of practice. Miller apparently will consult. With Dr Robert Anderson and Green Bay he's expected to undergo surgery. Miller's last major injury happened in twenty thirteen when he tore his ACL. After that injury, Miller started in all sixteen games from two thousand fourteen. Through two thousand, eighteen, he missed just one game in two thousand Hundred Miller? Of course Denver's all time leader in sacks is entering his tenth season in the NFL he has one hundred, six career sacks and a super bowl MVP on his resume. And of course, needless to say. Losing Miller, right before the season would be a massive blow to the broncos defense this as reports are that this free ankle injury. May sideline. Von Miller for the entire twenty season. Say It isn't so. Seven Twenty Six now thirteen ten K of a thirteen, ten, K. F. A. Dot COM I do WanNa, get into a conversation about. The Senate beaten the Senate gop actually unveiling their slimmed-down. Skinny version of a corona virus. Bill. Funny House. Speaker Pelosi man she beat the back to the DC swamp in order to avoid a government shutdown but well when it comes to helping. How many thousands of Americans have been so hard hit by Covid nineteen in terms of job loss stats are pretty stunning when you think about it. and. Because it does. Disproportionately, affect. The poorest among us. Think about this. Piece out of the New York Times. Many Americans. When into the nationwide lockdown with limited savings despite gains from a record long economic expansion at least they conceded that point. At the end of two, thousand nineteen. Three in ten adults said, they could not cover three months worth of expenses with saving or borrowing. In the case of job loss indicated, they were not prepared. For the current financial challenges, this was according to a Federal Reserve. Survey. But here's where the rubber really hits the road when you talk about the depth of the economic impact. Fully thirty nine percent. of former workers. Living in a household earning forty thousand dollars or less a year. Lost their jobs. Compared with thirteen percent in those making more than one hundred, thousand dollars a year. Meanwhile. As. Millions. Of Americans suffer. As a result of the lockdown, the shutdown whatever you want to refer to it as. Many might not ever. See those jobs come, back. What are they doing in Congress there fiddling? Their weaponising. The stimulus that could. Help so many. We'll get into the details of that slimmed-down Corona virus bill that was introduced by the Senate. GOP and again, this new plan very slim down. Because what house was talking in trillions right. This new plan is expected to cost three hundred billion still more than drop in the bucket. Compared to the houses three trillion dollar plan but it does beg the question..

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