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The video What was going on here with Steven Freaky stuff Oh. My gosh so the empire's he, calls timeout, he goes there's something bothering. Me here there's some bugs flying around at the, guaranteed rate so they take him over to where the trainers are and they and they put the camera in the dugout watching what's happening there because, you know we're losing by fifteen to the Yankees. Or whatever so we're watching this and the trainer has some tweezers and he's looking in the year looking in, the air and then he reaches way into the goodness and pulls out a big. Live moth it was still alive, and moving, oh God it. Was crazy couldn't be happier to be out. Of, there oh I'm sure the fire was happy to have him out and then the empire because Pires, like superhuman, you, know they they show. No emotion they show no pain. Were empires and so then he just kinda shakes it off and then trots back out to. The ballpark a lot of us would immediately go to the hospital too Psychiatrist maybe to a funeral parlor and make, arrangements or throw up I know or the toilet yeah it was it was something like I've never seen this is like making me it's all over, right now just talking about it yesterday I posted. On Twitter of video of this ant rope so in Brazil Samant's we're trying to get to a wasp's nest, they didn't know how to get there so one aunt stood on the other end. Shoulders the next hand stood on, the other, end shoulders and. Slowly a rope of live ants built from. The, eve of a building over to where a wasp's nest was hanging think many tens of thousands of, ants all, clinging, one another forming a. Hanging vine underneath the roof eave. To this nest it's bizarre it's grotesque it's fascinating so Griffin and Violeta and I were looking. At it and they eat shared their phobias about insects that Night after we did. That they pulled them off the size of a. Basketball out of the head of a human umpire his head only that of maybe a cantaloupe check the tape is the size of a basketball it's not he's not exaggerating it was pretty when when they pull that thing out I, thought ankle be nothing like this wondering how it lodged in. His ear. If it. Was that. Big you would get down the ear canal naturally no like this is the wrong direction does don't they The other way down the. Following down. The rabbit hole. In Alice in wonderland it's the two tapes show like, the polar opposite sides of the insects. Spectrum it's like the ants no what. Exactly what they're there for, they're working together this month is alone flies. Into, the ear of a man there's no there's. No Thought answered dumb too though. But I I don't know I think answer really, smart and s- will take over the. World they they will be our new insect overlords but because they're cooperative answer like. Okay, I know this is gonna suck, for you but we're. All gonna stand. On your, head, and then they're? All gonna stand on. My head but eventually. Tim is going. To get the Honey and that's the deal we? May die but Tim gets the. Honey ants totally on board without assuming the name is Tim now in the case of the moth it's just a. Moth he doesn't know he's like oh where am I this is a thing. I'll check it out. Maybe, there's some how did he not. Break his wings. In there like a my ear is small I can have. Them off, in there So if you want to, see that just Google. Moth in era. Of umpire, White, Sox Yankees because? That really happened last. Night and I don't. Know he he. Went and got the the head said that they? Do for instant replays and just. Put that on for the rest of I know he should have done I would definitely wear a helmet Ain't nothing getting into any my aura fi but the thing is I think a lot of us have these fears that if I sleep at night, spider is going to crawl up my nose and form a colony wasn't there an episode of nyc Alary or twilight zone like this. Where the guys had became a incubator for. Insects that could happen and, it was on its way to, happening, maybe that was. The mall Tim o.. Last night he goes okay. This is crazy everybody's watching the game the Yankees. Are in town I'm. Going to lay. Eggs inside a no buyer this. Is the night I don't know But Violeta was expressing goes, after the show, yesterday but before this. Happened her sort. Of phobia about insects in. My right about that yeah I'm getting better? Though I can I can get, rid? Of them if they're in. My way I just tell on you. So severe and Griffin talking in. Griffis is sort of. Timid about little tiny bugs veal it is it's very common you express shock at the fact that we. Were like I don't really care for bugs. We weigh one hundred, and fifty two hundred hundred pounds human beings are six foot tall if you were a bug and you saw a mountain coming at you who's chances, delight but he's small he can go anywhere there's so little that's what creeps me out would you rather be you or a mountain. You would rather be the mountain right so. It's almost always win you, gotta get that inside your head, I, know that he's. Not rational it's just. Their gross I don't think. I need to like print out a study about. Grossness of bugs to. To prove this They're gross okay I'm just trying to help him really but you guys were so here's my tattletale on Violeta then we'll, take a break but I want you to text. Two three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred what happened to you just. Tell, us if something like. This has. Happened to you three one two nine eight one seventy two. Hundred they pulled the scorpion. Out of your eyeball, or something but so Violeta says I'm much better about insects. Now recently there is a fly. And I was able to trap it with a paper, towel right now my shirt I. Was doing laundry and I had a shirt nearby so. You trapped it with your shirt. But then you you weren't capable of actually well leading the deal I had it I, had a trapped, underneath a certain area. Of the shirt. And then I was like. My sister was there my Brenda Brenda Brenda? Said what what's happening I'm like, come? Over here I have a. Fly and it stuck underneath this shirt. Gonna do what shall I do. So I was nervous. To lift the shirt because I knew I was going to lose it plus then I might touch it So my sister to this technique. Where she just started patting, it a little bit to to, get, rid of the? Wings section? Of that, then she grabbed. A tissue bam problem solved yeah okay it's one fourteen. We'll pause here let's talk about. What's happening in Ohio in Columbus Ohio congressional district twelve where are the votes right now details on that is coming your way Thursday..

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