Congress, President Trump, Merrill Strip discussed on New Hampshire Today


For the president yeah yeah major back to check the play know if they do union well no but but that's been pretty much the exactly it he's been because and only lay now kind of his buddy for the next year in and wishlist of what he wants congress that happen it'll be i think you're because i think from democrats are every every member comical invited yeah i think from democratic i members of congress will be inviting yep kind of trying to make a little statement there in opposition the some of the president so far in the white house you think you think any democrat maybe merrill strip will be there i don't girlfriends going to do anything from probably not that stuff in a him of a number times last night by jimmy kimmel lucky with a complete yeah that the president and kind of going after the president recalling big overrated remember easy said that after she focus the golden look yeah i will say this it is seven twenty five in the morning in the president yeah a lot just to tweet about the authors the number one of the pride what about you i am too maybe some inside the down is inside circle sensed up the tweets you're president but he's going to be i don't think a lot of people you know i think you kind of does what he feels but if he does tweet by noon it's going to be something like what a joke they came to get the best picture name bright and there's another reason they may not you were going to be a lot better memory of the nation governors including our own governor chris than into over at the now plus like the nothing you need then or now in the morning about an hour they get back down to business as well all the governors return of the white outfit looking medicaid expansion will be a big topic for that because a lot of governors republican governor included like our own been a new here like a fucking ohio who have that program and they are concerned alum if you're going to win with the looked like an what a great that people near think the getting through the program and i'm believes the presence meaning with health unsure.

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