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Downtown DC tells NBC for he's looking forward to moving a hundred and fifty of his employees to the company's new headquarters east of the river I grew up in underserved communities so for me it's no different than where I grew up and quite candidly I wanted to be in a community to spark this the mayor's office selected the main key to group an enlightened to lead the development of the M. okay gateway back in twenty sixteen Andrea Cameron WTOP news six twelve they were one of the biggest alt rock bands of the nineties and two thousands tomorrow ever clears front man performs an acoustic gig at DC city winery hopping office were playing this week our legs sockets noticed his guitar was smashed and looks quite of fort worth one through the K. one through the guitar so probably buy another guitar or get a loan or often I mean you told me this player guitar all joking aside expect to hear ever clears biggest hits like wonderful I will buy you a new life and father of mine about his dad walking out at five where have you been the man walked away from your file here are full channel Jason Frehley WTOP news well I have a birthday to this guy Dave Matthews born on this date in nineteen sixty seven in South Africa but of course he became famous in Charlottesville with the Dave Matthews Band the group finds out whether it has earned a spot in the rock and roll hall of fame all right keep it here there's a big red skins news coming up next of course Dave pressed and we'll have it all for you it's six thirteen no one ever told me that.

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