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See that crazy you literally hear me go and then it comes in with the music I think he's like yeah so like those countdowns are real were you can't have side conversations now we do have a button you've got two buttons in the booth one is called a cough button if you have to cough or if you just have to talk you can hit the cough button and you can say something to somebody there's what's called talkback where you can talk to the truck talk to the producer talk to the director in Bristol Connecticut by them and we don't use the cough button apparently and we don't use the talk neither to the truck because Matt try to use it one time and it wasn't on the button didn't work so Matt's like can I get that talk about the fucking good time though all good though I think so I mean really whether whether it's good tv or not we are having a blast and like I said people that were so excited to hear that Pat McAfee was going to be in the booth with us I was like listen I can't tell wires added because some people love Nascar races they love them and they tell you all about it and other people just love to see a crash and so I feel like Ed's completely okay with me we interrupt this show to let you know that today's show is brought to you by the good people at Thursday company a bootstrap start up that makes the best handcrafted boots and sells them direct to consumer at some of the lowest.

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