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The anti-trafficking group liberty shared for two years. He investigated labor abuses at one of the world's biggest palm oil producers finally convinced. Us customs officials to block imports from the company. This isn't like sex. Trafficking for instance where the business is completely criminal and illicit in these businesses. That are publicly. Listed perhaps listed in multiple stock exchanges jepson says companies can use all sorts of social controls to keep workers trapped. We're talking about coercive forces that are psychological forces that are driven by debt and that slightly more subtle than methods of violence. It reminds me of the two old. Haitian rose i met by take a kata. They had no papers no access to the pensions. They paid into no savings their future work in the cane fields into their eighty s with talking about people who have very little financial resources and therefore they are very very vulnerable and fragile to any kind of financial shock for haitian cane-cutters that vulnerability is amplified by deep racism. They face living and working in the dominican republic and these tensions go back many generations. The good juror said we are issue. There mobile's any to hate. It is the dominican migration expert. He says decades. Old racial violence and stereotypes. Create a racialist dominican self image that says we are white and we are compelling. We are no we.

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