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We had words of wisdom we gave where cam locker we had the radio pricepackage extensive we have we have had a very productive first hour program i think i would agree with that and we discovered the fire aid also medical purposes but that's my opinion that's not the company's that's what oneill says i heard that in a meeting in uh the so when the uh woman williams burned her hand that shit spray some fiery only and the her it worked in it worked with me if you hours later when i was working on the uh this stove we insert we heat the cabin when it's really cold we heat the cabin with uh uh and a stove insert here in my little trophy room down in the bottom and it warms up the whole house but here's a lot of trouble is at a mass over there steal it's always a mass uh you don't know how to swept up you know how i do appreciate if i were doing that i'll i guess i got bucketful bucketloads of shavings in and bark off the the would send believable yeah that's a good thing you can do with a fire a when you are get ashes have of the fireplace him you put them in a bucket you know spray 'em because sometimes you your keep him out sad they uh they will fly meth again and now that i will nails years ago called slather house on fire during that but i would imagine sprain i'm with fire a would probably work be it would indeed you would be were so bad that yeah uh the one of the things i i'll stop talking about fire a but one of the things if are you you'd football season is almost over but if you are a tale gator 'nother words you go to baseball football or campsites in was deal camping in you use a grill and then you the.

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