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Your host, Anthony Lima. Welcome back to the show may not be a better gas to handle what we're about to talk about about what is going on today with the players union in the NFL and whether or not it will remain a huge obstacle. I'm having us play football. Then the guests were about to have on Andrew Brandt. Before we do that. I gotta remind you coming to live with rocket mortgage. My quick unload studios. When you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process Rocket can Anthony Lima here with me until two Eastern CBS boards radio A lot to talk to Andrew about will get into Dak Prescott as well. But just to let everybody know right now, there is a bit of a trend, maybe a coordinated effort. By NFL players from Drew Brees to Myles Garrett. Jarvis Landry, Patrick Mahomes, Todd Gurley. Ah, Bunch of them have had similar messaging or the last five minutes. Jacey Treader, the union prez. Said. What you're seeing today is a bunch of guys wanting to play football, but also make sure That it's going to be healthy for them to do so. You saw similar tactics used By Major League baseball during their very vicious battle between the players union and the owner's Joining us now on the hotline is Andrew Brandt. Who has been on both sides ofthe these types of issues has negotiated contracts certainly understands the inner workings and how tough this could be The hammer out as rookies are supposed to report in two days. Andrew Welcome to show Yeah. I mean, we're seeing the exact same paper that we saw in baseball. I think what you tried to lay out there was just exactly a replay, and I've been saying it for months. You know what Went on in baseball is absolutely going to go on football. Part negotiation. Number one health and safety, figuring out the protocols figure out the way to handle this. A way to handle infections and outbreaks, quarantines and tracing and testing and treatment and everything involved. Which is now with the NFL players are tweeting about. It's not resolved all those kind of things. To me. This is still the easy part of the negotiation because after this comes the money And we can talk about all the reasons why we met, having have a season. Because of what's going on in this country with the virus. We have major since the result, even if there is a season And My feeling is this I think we can get to the heart of this with this right here. Strategic This is not a coincidence what baseball do they waited and waited and waited until the number they wanted, which was playing 60 games, although they probably preferred 50 We're the only thing left on that you could do because they ran out the clock. And I think football is doing the same thing. I think NFL owners are waiting and waiting and waiting. Until it becomes clear the players. Oh, my God, we got to get to camp. You know, you've gotta have two weeks to prepare for the season. Can It just seems to me. People are saying, how could the NFL not have a plan in place? Well, I think they do have a plan in place without the players till they get nervous. And I'll be there. I'll be there Don't know Cave. They'll come in. Well, obviously, and we're joined by Andrew Brandt. We saw how it played out with baseball, and we saw the counterproposals and how it continuously looked like it was not going to happen and then boom, they had a measure that would work almost almost similar to hot like an executive order works. With the president. I mean, that's kind of what happened in baseball. In this case in football, do we have a similar mechanism? Sounds to me like we do like the league can impose. I mean, I think tomorrow's Smith was on a call with the media this week where, he said. Hey, it's their plan. You know where the workers They tell us to show up. We got to show up. Um Not so much taken imposed season by CIA like Rob Manford didn't said. We're playing 60 games and all the players were saying, just tell us where and when. But it is similar to that, Um Yeah, they're gonna argue over one preseason game or two preseason games or how long they get to practice or out the acclamation before practicing and You know, eventually glad everything worked out the infection protocols. But, yeah, in so many words. Yes, the NFL owners can impose. Their terms. So the fact that we're seeing these tweets right now by high profile players. I get that right now Looks like a coordinated effort, and they're doing the same thing the baseball players did. But should football fans be worried today? After seeing all this that there's a chance that maybe football doesn't even get started? I mean, I think there's a chance based on what's going on in the country. More than there's a chance based on negotiations. I just think In some ways. Seeing these tweets from ownership is probably seeing these tweets as a good thing. Which means I mean, I think the hashtag is something about we want to play. You know, And there's some sports where you get leaders and players saying we don't want to play. Too dangerous. So, Yeah, I mean, I think.

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