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<Advertisement> <Music> but first <SpeakerChange> <Advertisement> the <Advertisement> the mentally <Speech_Male> ill for mass shootings <Speech_Male> will spread <Speech_Male> fear and <Speech_Male> keep people who need <Speech_Male> help <Silence> from seeking it <Speech_Male> <Silence> and that's <Speech_Male> the <SpeakerChange> <Advertisement> big idea <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Silence> here are <Advertisement> three other <Speech_Male> headlines that <Advertisement> should be on <Speech_Male> your radar <Silence> number one <Speech_Male> last night <Speech_Male> trump abruptly <Speech_Male> called off his <Speech_Male> trip to denmark <Speech_Male> announcing in <Speech_Male> a tweet that he's <Speech_Male> postponing the visit <Speech_Male> because the country's leader <Speech_Male> isn't interested <Speech_Male> in even entertaining <Speech_Male> his idea to buy <Speech_Male> greenland <Silence> the move comes <Speech_Male> two days after trump told reporters <Speech_Male> that owning greenland <Speech_Male> a self-governing self-governing <Speech_Male> country. That's part of the kingdom <Speech_Male> of denmark would <Speech_Male> quote be nice <Speech_Male> from a strategic <Speech_Male> perspective for the united <Speech_Male> states <Silence> trump's announcement suggests <Speech_Male> that despite his earlier <Speech_Male> denials the <Speech_Male> central purpose opus of his trip <Speech_Male> had been discussions <Speech_Male> of a u._s. Purchase of the <Speech_Male> massive glaciers island <Speech_Male> which holds increasing <Speech_Male> value is melting <Speech_Male> sea ice opens <Speech_Male> new parts of the arctic to <Speech_Male> shipping and resource <Speech_Male> extraction <Silence> trump had planned <Speech_Male> to dine with denmark's <Speech_Male> queen <Speech_Male> before meeting in copenhagen <Speech_Male> with danish political <Speech_Male> leaders <Speech_Male> before news of trump's <Speech_Male> interest in england <Speech_Male> broke. His visit was seen <Speech_Male> as an offbeat. Thank you <Speech_Male> to a small all country. <Speech_Male> That's been a stalwart <Speech_Male> nato ally <Speech_Male> and supported u. <Speech_Male> s. military actions. <Speech_Male> It's not <Speech_Male> clear whether trump will still go <Speech_Male> to poland <Speech_Male> as he'd been scheduled to <Speech_Male> do for two days ahead <Speech_Male> of denmark in early <Speech_Male> september <Silence> the danes <Speech_Male> are furious <Speech_Male> over this snub <Speech_Male> parliamentarians and <Speech_Male> former top government <Speech_Male> minister slamming <Speech_Male> the president's behaviors <Speech_Male> juvenile <Speech_Male> undiplomatic apple matic <Speech_Male> and insulting <Silence> <Silence> number to <Speech_Male> the trump <Speech_Male> administration is expected <Speech_Male> to announce as soon <Speech_Male> as today <Speech_Male> that it is moving ahead <Speech_Male> with new rules <Speech_Male> that would allow now for the <Speech_Male> longer term detention <Speech_Male> of migrant <Speech_Male> families. <Silence> The department of homeland security <Speech_Male> is expected to issue <Speech_Male> a sweeping new set of <Speech_Male> regulations on <Speech_Male> the requirements <Speech_Male> for detaining kids <Speech_Male> replacing <Speech_Male> more than two decades <Speech_Male> of protections that <Speech_Male> are on the books. <Silence> The new york times <Speech_Male> says these new standards <Speech_Male> will lower <Speech_Male> the minimum requirement <Speech_Male> for care <Speech_Male> and end <Speech_Male> the twenty a two year old <Speech_Male> consent decree known <Speech_Male> as the floors agreement <Speech_Male> that is protected <Speech_Male> the nation's youngest <Speech_Male> and most vulnerable new <Speech_Male> arrivals <Silence> when the floor is decree <Speech_Male> was agreed <Speech_Male> to in nineteen ninety-seven <Speech_Male> the litigation litigation <Speech_Male> transform the way migrant <Speech_Male> children across <Speech_Male> the southern border retreated <Speech_Male> when they arrive <Silence> administration officials <Speech_Male> say the new regulations <Speech_Male> will maintain the underlying <Speech_Male> spirit <Speech_Male> of that agreement <Speech_Male> and that all children will <Speech_Male> be treated with dignity <Speech_Male> respect special concern <Speech_Male> but <Silence> those who spearheaded <Speech_Male> the long-running litigation <Speech_Male> say that's <Speech_Male> not believable <Silence> in related <Speech_Male> news the trump <Speech_Male> team announced danced yesterday <Speech_Male> that the government <Speech_Male> will not provide any <Speech_Male> flu vaccines <Speech_Male> this year to migrant <Speech_Male> families held <Speech_Male> in border detention <Speech_Male> camps <Speech_Male> despite calls from <Speech_Male> doctors to boost <Speech_Male> efforts to fight right infections <Speech_Male> that have killed at least <Speech_Male> three children in <Speech_Male> the past year <Silence> customs and border patrol <Speech_Male> says it's too <Speech_Male> operationally <Speech_Male> complex to <Speech_Male> vaccinate everyone <Speech_Male> and keep track of it. Especially <Speech_Male> because kids <Speech_Male> are in custody for a relatively <Speech_Male> short period of time <Speech_Male> but <Silence> if the <Speech_Male> conditions don't improve <Speech_Male> dr julie <Speech_Male> lynton the chair <Speech_Male> of the american <Speech_Male> academy of pediatrics <Speech_Male> committee a young immigrant <Speech_Male> child and family <Speech_Male> health says <Speech_Male> that more kids <Speech_Male> will needlessly <Speech_Male> die <Speech_Male> <Silence> number <Speech_Male> three <SpeakerChange> <Silence> the metoo reckoning <Speech_Male> continues end-use

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A new story from The Daily 202's Big Idea

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