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Tiffany Adams, Oshkosh, Air Canada discussed on Airplane Geeks Podcast


Guest. That's dick convince ski he's director of communications for the experimental aircraft association. The EA dick. Welcome to the airplane, geeks podcast. Well, thank you so much. It's great to be here. Always a pleasure. Talking to you, especially before. We're getting ready to go to Oshkosh. Yes. We are the, the, the big event of the year is coming up. Pretty quick. I think July twenty second through twenty eight twenty nineteen and we're going to be talking with dick about your venture Oshkosh coming up. But first, we've got a little bit of news. We want to hit up on. And so ask is everyone ready running from the west. I story, you know, I saw this on the news tonight, a travel nightmare, waking up cold and alone in a darkened plane. Mexico was an Air, Canada flight, I think, from Quebec City to Toronto indeed. And you know, this is not the first time we've had a story like this, I can't remember the last one was in Canada as well. Probably not. But boy, if you're gonna wake in the, you know, cold, dark, airplane, you'd like to be in a warmer country which this did happen in the, the summertime but I think it's a little ironic is that the, the passenger Tiffany Adams said that she had been the little anxious on the the flight to begin with. And then she fell asleep says who's experiencing anxiety and insomnia. And when she woke up gosh, she was in the back of the plane by herself aircraft was dark and cold, and it was moved back away from the terminals. Of course, what would anybody do you whip out your cell phone, and of course, the battery was dead? There. She was an airplane trying to figure out now. What do I do next? She apparently made her way, up to the cockpit and found a flashlight and then she figured out how to open the main door without apparently, deploying the shoot, which are the, you know. The, the water shoot there and from there. She just went ahead and flash. The flashlight on the exterior of the aircraft, which all that was rather clever that would tend to magnify the, the flashlight and eventually a luggage, cart driver Cape over. So she apparently has still having trouble sleeping because she says he has reoccurring nightmares about, you know, a waking alone locked up in someplace, dark. So what a what a tough experience. I guess I mean I would have seen it kind of as an adventure. First thing I would look for is where's the food, after I found a flashlight I think, but maybe the big issue is. How was she not seen by the crew, or the, the cleanup people or whatever that you would expect with kind of run through the airplane? I mean, maybe not necessarily always expecting to find a passenger. Still in the plane, but, you know, somebody could have forgotten a bag or there could be something else left that either was left by mistake or was intentionally left with ill intent. So I think that's kind of concerning. I don't know. Dick, what do you think if you'd woken up in the dark and realize that you on on an airplane? What do you think you'd do next? Well, I look for the keys, I up in the cockpit soup we can turn the thing on and get going. All that aside, that is a little bit amazing. Because usually the flight crew makes check of everything, and then the cleanup crew and so forth. We'll go through an airliner to find those sort of things that is a little bit odd. I'm not sure how sometimes you know, the discount airline has some surprises for you. I guess. Well this was this was Air Canada. So should be a discount airline. So, yeah, that's something for Air Canada to investigate. I think try to understand what happened. What didn't happen that should have happened. I the well, I guess, different people are frightened by different things of if it was me, I, I guess I wouldn't have been as anxious, maybe.

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Tiffany Adams, Oshkosh, Air Canada discussed on Airplane Geeks Podcast

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