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Kaufman in Roland Varga dish with you, Roland. All right. You mentioned this right before Josh Suggs scored the go ahead goal that the switchbacks had really been the better squad for much of that first half, But unfortunately, uh one Sequence has them trailing at the break. Yeah, I thought they dominated large swaths about first half after going behind that opening goal. We saw the switchbacks kick into gear. We saw them using their speed. We saw them using their quality. They just weren't able to take advantage of it until the own goal from New Mexico United. Then after that, I thought they were also the better team until just that sucker punched him. Josh thugs right toward the end of the 1st 45. Well to recap. The scoring. It happened early for New Mexico United. It was Chris we hand off a great crossing by Josh Suggs. Making it one nil and the switchbacks doing a good job after that of of battling and his, Rowland said, really took figure first half for themselves for much of it and And you pointed this out, and I think expertly, so Roland, you know that goal in the 23rd minute is going to get credited to where she today and it's going to go down as an own goal. Right? That that's just kind of the trivia around it, because, as you pointed out, Michi Galina has made that play a lot. And if it didn't end up on the feet of the head of today, Um, it probably would have ended up with the switchbacks player putting in the back of the net so really an own goal on the score sheet, but an earned gold by the switchbacks. You talk about forced and unforced errors, you know, and that was certainly a forest error. I mean, today I had to do something with that. Obviously, in a perfect world. He's heading that one up over his own goal post. But he had to do something about that because there were a couple of switchbacks on the door. All because of that great play once again from Mickey Galina, and he just saw his header fire into the back of the net. But That all came from the switchbacks pressure that they were applying time and time again against New Mexico United Well and then the next goal happened in the 42nd minute. It was Josh Suggs, making a nice run and getting a goal for himself got in behind the defence and chipped it over a diving abroad. Re guez Into the far part of the goal made it to one and that's a That's a tough goal to concede because it's so late in the half and we saw one week ago, the switchbacks and how they were able to just grab momentum. From Austin. Bold with those back to back goals in rapid succession late in the first half last week, switchbacks are going to really have to shake this thing off and get out there. With the purpose in the second half and not let the momentum that New Mexico United just grabbed away from them faster and build into the second half. 100% correct. It's going to be interesting to see exactly how New Mexico United start the 2nd 45. Are they going to maybe leaning back a little bit because they've got that goal, But I think the switchbacks have to attack on the front foot. They're leaving themselves a little bit vulnerable. Defensively already in this match that could happen more and more as we go further in the switchbacks are going chasing that goal, but the switchbacks have to get on the front foot have to try to play their soccer and get him behind. It adds up to a 21 score at the break. When we come back, we'll look at some of the first half stats and also at some of these scores from around the USL championship. A couple of mountain division teams also in action tonight, But they are playing teams not in the mountain division, but we'll let you know how they're faring regardless when we return here to the halftime show. On extra sports 1300. Listen to the switchbacks on Alexa. Just say Alexa Open extra sports 1300 halftime down in Albuquerque switchbacks trailing by his score.

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