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Two dollars and then she turns to enter. Have the money. I live in this house. Delivery is poor. It's not funny. I'm not disputing that for me. The movie was disappointment. Screen disappointment it was a terrible movie. But did tell you right now. That doesn't mean that it's not going to do well because if it does well. Hbo max and if it does will enough in the theaters we are going to see an extension of this universe. It's a simple set. But i mean even if they do bring in johnny cage. They're rumors that us at the end. I'm saying there were rumors right now. That are supposed to bring them. Wwe superstar the myths. No that's where he wants he's asking for. Yeah i mean right now. It seems because of others. In there w superstar contract with john cena and the rock. And and i don't see the ms coming in maybe but still what are the characters could bring on taro. I mean they've already made up one with coal lead character who is descended of scorpion but will not be taking up the scorpion mantle As i thought he would be. But if you watch the movie. Yeah he's not taking up the scorpio mantle. He's is own character. they created. They might as well create some more new ones specifically for the movies. They have enough characters. It is getting disagree with you. But i'm just saying if they did it once they could do it already. I mean i know that cole was supposed to be descended of scorpion. And i got that because i got what he said at the end. But that doesn't seem to matter. I know there was another sub zero. When i know the scorpion. The mantles i get all that but everybody. Who's who's died. As far as on the bad side. They're coming back for a sequel because they were all at the end. Anybody who died is going to get magic leave brought back in the sequel liberty. No i get that excrete have keno. If he comes back and that would be great but again..

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