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On me. For next Steve Grzanich coming up in about ten minutes after a vix news with the opening bell. Then it's the Steve Cochran show Fridays. The day. The holiday train is coming back. I always look forward to seeing people post their pictures about the holiday train never been on the holiday train because as you know, I fear public transportation and by fear. I mean detest so I have not been on it. But I I would like if I were guaranteed that I could ride the holiday train, I would go and ride it. So the six car train. This year is sponsored by AllState, how nice AllState also sponsoring are skyline studio here. WGN so good for you all state. It will include an open flatbed car carrying Santa and his sleigh and on Saturdays writers can also board the elves workshop train which will run behind the holiday train, and it's also very lavishly decorated, according to this the trains are staffed by helper elves. Distributed candy to passengers I wonder if they're mopping up the urine and everything else. You think the elves draw the line at this? We'll pass out candy canes. But. I'm not swabbing up that guy sub sandwich the leftover there. Whatever else is on the seats. That's what they really need. They need elves with mops because they help you. If you're getting mugged like the guardian angels. I would hope so. I wonder if. Yeah, that'd be good until they get into scuffled. Then their pointed ears pop off of the Bill by putting the ears off. Yeah. Well, I don't know if you're on the red line, those the people down there seemed to be able to take care of themselves because you saw the story last week or the week before about the guy who was shot and then he took the pistol. And pistol whipped the guy who shot him. I'm like that is one tough CPA writing. Good for you, sir. CTE writers can also check out the AllState CT holiday bus, which sounds less festive doesn't it the holiday bus. But I guess if you're not taking the train it will make its debut Saturday in the it made its debut at the magma festival along with lights and decorations on the outside of the bus. The inside will feature artwork created by Chicago public school students and the clauses home with fireplace for photos with set. Nothing says holidays like getting your picture taken on a bus while listen. Who am I to Mark my entire job as my.

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