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So his champagne was terrific when he ran on behind complexity, but he's just had a series of issues since then missing the Breeders Cup when he was when he was ill. And he he was going to be one of the top two or three choices in the in the Breeders Cup juvenile then he had a series of works that it pays him leading into this race. But he just he just didn't fire so they can regroup with him. And 'cause I couple races were were certainly indicative, of course, who might be a notch derby prospect. But his is raise the other day was not indicative that he needs to be better. And hopefully, we'll be well. Those that were watching Jimmy jerkins powered through the post race conversation Jimmy had a tooth yanked. And. Had like Tina Tina said is Jimmy chewing tobacco. You you the lump on this morning. He said, Steve I sent him Onoda. He said, I just can't he said I my jaw is off. So. And let's face it. Jimmy's not from the talkative. Talkative trader crowd. Well, the pulling teeth metaphor. I thought one of interesting when it comes to to Jimmy funny. Jimmy, I when Jimmy focused on like an internet great very insightful and all that sometimes when he would train him morning, and I get it. I just I just leave him alone. 'cause he's trading sources he wants to be left alone. So. I've been around enough guys over the years. I mean, Neil Drysdale's that way I between like six thirty nine thirty unless he comes up to you and wants to engage in a conversation. Let them be and and we talk when he's done training is other guys who, you know, wanna shoot the Bs with you all morning long. And then that's that's, but yeah, the the pulling teeth thing. Oh, interesting. The nice, well, the next focus the Lecomte as you mentioned on the nineteenth week from Saturday, the cow derby, no points involved, but some horses will prep for the the elk amino reality and so forth. We'll smarty Jones gets going and Oakland and two and a half three weeks. So yeah, the train is pulled out of the station J on that program. At Oakland is is terrific. I mean, there's there's races every few weeks. It's a nice progression. The money's terrific. And that's why you see more and more people either base their shipping in there for those races. There they have they have twelve up and up field for all those racist. 'cause the such a terrific program. Yeah. And. Actually once we get in. Now, they went to this week the start of that season. Really right right up on the dashboard. Well, Jay, this was really fun. And I appreciate and I'm sure Johnny. Appreciate you step into the the key ten o'clock slot. Congratulations on your eagles, the their they might be the charm team this year the way they got in the way they won yesterday that was used pretty fortunate it as I said at the beginning of the show, given my age and my association with this team, which is fifty years long. I it it's a it's a complete form reversal from franchise from franchise history. And it's refreshing to be honest. It's the same thing with the king when they aren't because there was so bad for so long, and then they won two Stanley Cups. And now regression of me. But while lasted. Go kings. Go Jay, I don't know. Do we have are we gonna get together? Friday. Is there a reason? No, it's it's a pretty softly. So I think please, please. I bequeath my thought to someone more deserving of we can pretty easily. Right..

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