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Awesome. It's a it's a it's a very humbling rice, oh than being awesome. Severi humbling feeling as very, homey. Awesome. Humbly are synonymous for me. Okay. I it's it's it's a feeling like I can't believe somebody actually thinks highly enough of what I do. And what I say might thought process to want to pay me to help ensure that I continue to do that. You know, that's a beautiful stance rug boy over a Blairite from our ship said the same thing, he goes, you know? This show is the greatest besides my kids in my marriage. The shows one of the greatest things I've ever accomplished in my life. And I like why is that he goes people are giving us money to talk. You don't how gratifying that it? Like, I've never created anything where people wanted to pay for it. And it's something as simple just talking right and people are willing to does Doni. I mean, you know, we're we don't they're just donating to us. They're not. I mean, we do provide extra content, and there's our tears to the things, but I truly believe a lot of people that donate to our show and probably your show are just doing it. Because hey, these guys these cool guys, and I want to support them. Absolutely. And there's just not a better feeling that really isn't like I said to know that somebody cares enough about what you're saying. What you're doing to say, you know, what I want to support that. And I think that's all I think if people felt that they were supported we we could change the world if they actually felt like they weren't the only ones who thought the way that they thought and. You know, again, you know, without the how we started listening underground that. That's that's exactly what we want to give voice to people that don't feel like they have one wanna be able to to spark the the flame that that. That's that that ignites change that ignites, you know, a new way of thinking, and we wanna be able to do it in a way that that people respect the people respond to in that people can enjoy and you can hear the nuance different styles there at times, a we don't agree on everything on unbefitting on the ground. There are times where I've gone Jason there times were Jason's gone ME. You know, because sometimes you know, somebody says will hold on. What is that me? You know, let's dive into that some more or less. It's not 'cause at face value. That sounds real stupid. You know? So let's let's let's dive into that a little bit more. See what exactly it is that you that you were talking about. I think I think that's important too. Is meeting people in having conversations with people that don't think like you at all times. I think I think a lot of people get in their safe safe zones bubbles say spaces, but that's like now a new term for things, but people get in their their bubbles where they find like minded people, and they they they everyone agrees on everything. Yeah. But I think real, and I'm sure you agree, real growth, and real, you know, learning comes from talking to someone you disagree with and then figuring out and someone that you know, is willing to have a conversation with you, maybe see if there's some common ground, not someone that just disagrees with you and goes fuck you. But someone that you know can explain their position. And then make you, you know, at least see their side, you said it perfectly earlier when you referring to the the different political parties in how I don't think anybody can be completely right on the. Nobody can be completely left because you have to be able to have a level of understanding. I feel like, you know, again, if we if we had that in this world, we'd be such a better place. But there's just no there's no grey area for a lot of people. And the problem is they feel like you can't like that's almost a sign of weakness to be able to understand. And I think that's the biggest sign of strength is the fact that you're willing to to understand what the other person comes from. Because that's when you don't put out you don't sniff out fire with fire. You don't conquer hate with hate. Right. Hate begets. More hate violence. Begets more violence. You have to conquer hate with love..

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