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Com for call 800 her love that's moves diamond dot com or 800 her love. It's 7 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s, Jack Taylor's in the traffic center. Slowly improving on the beltway in Virginia, we've had very slow traffic beginning in the Springfield interchange and for that matter. I'm a 95 northbound out of lorton as you ride toward the Springfield interchange the trouble spot on the inner loop is going to be as you make the trip before Braddock road, main line, three left lanes now getting by the crash. They're still cleaning it up along the far right side at one point. This was just a left lane getting by. Now 95 that delay, new trouble as you go into newington towards Springfield after the fairfax county Parkway, vdot reports the crash in the center of the roadway, getting there as I'd said, slowing off and on from Dale City. 66, nothing out of the ordinary for now. We've been some slowing east in manassas, then again getting out of centerville, then through the interchanges at 50 and one 23. Inner loop also heavy passing the Dallas toll road, expect Maryland beltway delays. There was a wreck on the inner loop south of town. You're solid at branch avenue to the incident after saint Barnabas road, everything got moved over onto the left shoulder. Outer loop top side was slow after 95, headed toward George avenue earlier vehicle fire that's been put out before university boulevard. I think that got moved over onto the shoulder, hopefully. Inner loop of the ballet, two wrecks after Connecticut avenue, one involved a small vehicle, the other attractor trailer, Carrie and lumber both had been blocking that far right lane. Two 70, we've got delays getting into urbana after route 80, there was a wreck over on the shoulder, then we'd had some trouble in Gaithersburg toward Rockville, main line, as you get toward falls road after 28, one vehicle with a smashed front end in the center of the roadway broken down. You'll also find 95 southbound, slows near the ICC before the bellway we'd had a crash that had been blocking the far left lane, going into the district, south D.C. two 95 after eastern avenue one had been broken down in the far left lane and inbound suitland Parkway. There was a wreck before Stan road contained to the median. Keep your home warm and comfortable during the colder months ahead, call window nation, get two free Windows for every two you buy and pay nothing till 2025.

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