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By the sea. At the end of the line, and it followed one from an Indian singer. It Z collaboration between L'm ish Sorry Al Michaels affair and Pia Malik. She's Australian, originally from India, but raised in Australia, which is I think where she's living. Before that we heard from Moto Pony. This is a reworking of their track called Free without from Pegboard, nerds and Elizaveta. And just before that, that Song you might have recognized. It's an old classic. It's a standard it's called Mountain Greenery. It's from an old Rodgers and Hart musical called Garrick Gedi's from the Twenties. But it's been covered a lot. You know Mel Torme a did it. In this case, We heard Nancy King and Glenn Moore Glenmore doing the base work and jazz vocalist Nancy King Mountain greenery. And that followed something from the fifties from Jimmie Rodgers. Track called Water Boy. Krista Rita's deep into the second hour of the show. You might be wondering. Hey, what you doing earlier on a Sunday Well, we're doing a little switcheroo here. A case here. W a little bit of musical chairs hastened by the fact that we're Still doing the runner rotation where we're trying to keep the studio's balanced so that nobody is running into other colleagues here in the studio so we can all stay safe. So we're Sort of abandoning studios for 23 hours at a time. So we're toddling between different studios here at the building and to do that we have to kind of schedule things in a way that No accommodates that. The other thing that's precipitating the musical chairs is that no Vienna Caramel and Anthony Validus have been moved off the weekend schedule because they're starting his co host. For morning becomes eclectic, starting on Tuesday, so looking forward to hearing the two of them they're old friends have been friends for, like, 10 years, and we always thought I'd be kind of cool to have them do something together and And now they're going to do that. And I just think it's fantastic. That coupled with both of them being fabulous DJs and Anthony with his incredible I. His photography is video work that will be Lending to the show's promotional aspects on socials and stuff. It's gonna be pretty cool. So Anthony Valadez know Vienna Caramel. Huge. Congratulations. Very excited about you guys starting up. On Tuesday with morning becomes eclectic tune into.

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