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A few more of hcl technologies joined us culture quashed tidier electric david winning of ebay and many more proudly sponsored by hcl technologies for more info visit bloomberglivecom action this is a bloomberg market minute leadership will make the difference for the world's biggest retailer in 2018 says burt flicking cherif strategic resource group walmart which doing everything wrong for about fifteen years under sam walton son robin moving from family management to professional management walmart's going to take on amazon an online on land and walmart scott to be the real winner during the decade ahead flicking jerry expects the battle between walmart and target to intensify target does have to watch out especially since walmart is good and apparel for the first time in fifty five years goodquality good caller power analysts good license however with the bankruptcy of toys are us target and walmart both have done a great job capitalising on the toy category both winning in food the retail analyst says good things are happening at target and super value but he expects many food service companies and restaurants to get clobbered in 2018 adrienne mitchell bloomberg radio one eighty over one iran and i had when i woke up kim being aguak 145 over ninety two in an ad art attack one hundred eighty two over a hundred and had a heart attack and cardiac arrests and then a stresed everything changed it felt like my life was over this is what high blood pressure sounds like you might not feel it symptoms but the results from a heart attack or stroke are far from invisible who silent one fifty over ninety and i had a stroke f i would have followed a trim of player i would not be in this situation when eighty over 110 and i had a stroke venom 33 so i notice it is comey if you've come off your treatment plant get beckel or talk with your doctor to create an exercise day medication clint worked for you good a lawyer h hb p dot org the head this tell everything shaves edges till brought to you by the american heart.

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