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This is so say about this. Who knows maybe spencer doesn't have anything to say about this either. But i let us discuss. Kfc let's let's discuss speak afc because spencer has nothing to say about. This isn't going to be a great round. I was there for the whole shebang on fight week in tampa rate time covering it be. Kfc was amazing all week fight on friday was absolutely chaotic. So much happened. It was a it was a memorable experience. No doubt about that but it was capped off with the second meeting between page vans and rates rachel ostrich. Pvc second week. F c a parents ostriches. I these two ladies through down. Ostrich gets the wind. She looked great in the fight. She looked super comfortable in that setting without a doubt which surprise a lot of people myself included. So jed. we'll begin with you. I mean wh what stood out to you at all. Did you watch clips. Anything did anything. Stand out to you in this fight. Oh in this fight. Noble in on our website right now and we whoever this absurdity below you upright. But we said the jared warden warden was giving knockout of the night for brutal finishes ion williamson and zion. Tomlinson williamson plays basketball for elegance. And that's why. I was like wait a second. What as far as i saw. I did not watch it. Live a sauce my lights just honest a this head little to no interest for me eventually thing who i'm not here to yuck anybody's young and i know a lot of people were super interested in it. It's that i would relate to go to like personally because i'm sure talking briefly. I know that you had a great time And that it's like a pretty fun live scene but the main event was like the least interesting fight to me. The other ones were at least something. That i kinda cared about failures. Zan rachel Ostrich just aren't a Bareknuckle so i guess maybe they are relevant. But they're not relevant to me in my view fight score because they're not like super good at it They both really tough. And i don't think they get enough credit for that. Like because they are traditionally pretty or however you put it but they're both really tough women and from the highlights conceive. It seemed like that was on display as as his want to happen in the bareknuckle fight but neither of them are going to be like winning belt soon or really mattering in like a substantial way as far as being the best in their sport and their division and so it just kind of little whatever to me and selling the whole thing was on like selling this as a rematch. in revenge it was may fight. This is a very different fight of a pretty. Like i'm like ninety nine percent. Sure that page tapped to the anyway so like you can't really get Revenge for being submitted by having bareknuckle fight. Were submissions on a thing. It's used a totally different thing. And so yeah again. Not for me this view. Now here yucky young man. I hope you had a wonderful friday night. Hobie tuned in to all of my wonderful coverage. But just now my bag. You know what i mean. Listen i'm an honest guy. i'm full of integrity. i'm the guy roads on williamson. And i'm an idiot. I'm it's remember.

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