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One episode so Tom I think I was told to that that. Forty, three or four of y'all went to Fiji in Rob. Boss Rob James, enticing went to Australia. was there a reason? They split the groups up like set free merged to famous. You know what I think. The James needed surgery, or he needs something done and so feed. You wasn't going to be the place I think that to get him to make it. Sit near something like that. They. He needed medical attention and it just made more sense of that group to go to Australia. Yeah, because in survivor all stars when because Tom that similar to yourself that. I didn't have a the greatest experience either on my return trip survivor. And they broke our jury prairie trip up into two groups. There were some other extenuating circumstances, but you know part of it was that they said like you know you have these seven or eight like high profile people. If you guys get spotted in a big group like that, then you know all the more chances at the season. Get spoiled. Yeah. Can I ask you a question about that pre jury trip? Though because you in. Sirri had been butting heads to some degree on the island, but you guys were two of the bigger targets that were out there probably lie lien's if we were going to put it in terms of winners, a war versus some of the hyenas and you know in watching the season. It's like boy if these two could get together. They realized that they probably need each other, and I'd always heard that then after afterwards. You guys did get on the same page. Is that accurate? After the game, young an idol to US medal voter out oh. Yeah, we had a great time together. We played backgammon and you know Sirri is as wonderful as well all the good that you see of her and the sun and the openness I'm a huge three, then I. WE KINDA got a little. But Somebody warning me about three, and then that goes back to somebody else. Who Toll Sirri? Tom's been one to go after you so I I don't i. think that we both came out there and would just sizing each other up from opposite sides of the rain and it really it could have been a entirely different game. if you know she and I can this colby had taken the control away and then I think jt would. You. Know Gone along, but then you know the that other side the James, Amanda And Rupert side words. Would have could have should You know it was just the that's the way it went down. Tom Are. You surprised at the final four. All villains in with that being, said the foul three of the bottle three. If you had made the jury between Sandra, poverty and Russell who would have gotten your vote. To represent the heroes vs villains season. so. Number one I put no stock in heroes and villains, and you know. Yeah, you could tell me about how you live in your life at home and I'll. I'LL! Test Judgement on whether you're here, villain, but in the game. I don't think there's such thing as and I. think that you know that's we've wall. You know we all signed on for this, and it is out with now play and all that kind of stuff, so nobody nobody that was a villain tomato, so I wasn't surprised or shocked that either. Try. had representation at the end. so so tell me who the final three was. Russell Parvenu Sandra. Sandra Yeah So not a fan of Russell and big fan of Sandra I think. You know her. Ability to do the anyone but me. Thing is impressive, but I think that one of the best people ever played a game as poverty. And just a few chances. I didn't get to play with her on here as bill, but get to meet her at a few things she has. You know a magnetism that just pulls in and then she. and I think it's Legit I. Don't think it's game classic. She's just one of those charismatic people and that's why. She has been such a great contestant on reality TV. Is that people do get caught up. So so I think that she's played well. Rounded the details of the game I know she did. Broke up with Russell to move forward. Russell. A beautiful move you know everybody who watches the show agile. You always wonder. Why don't they both that guy off? He's so. She's so mean as I know you want, and that's you know that's the person you're not. GonNa let go so. so I think that was good game, play and so. Yeah. So you're Fanta Park that you would have voted for Sandra. So. I don't know I. I wasn't there. I was just A. You know just watching it at home and so I wouldn't have if I'd been. On the on the beach long enough to make the jury, and might have had an opinion mobile the other, but just watching it from home. I just know what I was shown so i. Wouldn't wait on that. Well I want to weigh in on this to you because quaint, Sandra..

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