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Moves closer to landfall, It's a category one storm with top sustained winds of 85 MPH. It's expected to strengthen before it comes ashore tonight or early tomorrow, perhaps along the Alabama Mississippi line right now, Sally is about 100 Miles south southeast of Biloxi, Mississippi. It's moving to the northwest of just two MPH. President Trump welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to the White House today. A signing ceremony on the South Lawn will formalize agreements reached by those three countries. The deals were brokered by the U. S. Later. The president holds a town hall event in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden will be campaigning in Florida today. NPR's Scott de TRO says Polls suggest the state is now a toss up between the Democratic presidential nominee and Trump. Florida is looking increasingly close and increasingly pivotal. That is to say it's in the same position. It's been in every presidential campaign for the past generation. Former Vice President Joe Biden will be in the state today. Campaigning in Tampa and outside Orlando. President Trump was in Florida last week. Polls show the race almost dead even now, after Biden had leads for most of the summer. This is NPR News Live from Cape CD News on Brian What a San Francisco supervisor is calling for a review of the medical examiner's office that follows the recent drug arrest of an employee is Julie Small explains just involved worked at the toxicology lab, where drugs found at the scene of a person's death are stored as evidence. He was arrested in Utah last month for possessing what appeared to be an evidence bag full of crystal meth. VOCs arrest his throne, thousands of criminal cases he worked on during his 13 year career into question, according to the district attorney's office. Supervisor Aaron Peskin says the problems of the medical examiner's office go much deeper. The department has been plagued with structural vacancies constant turnover at the top the loss of little accreditation. A spokesperson for the city administrator says the medical examiner's office has filled positions and made other progress in recent years. Volk has been placed on administrative leave. He hasn't yet been charged in San Francisco. I'm Julie. Small News More than 16,000 Firefighters are battling major wildfires across California wildfires have collectively burned a record 3.2 million acres so far this year. State fire officials say 28 major wildfires are currently burning across the state. At least two dozen people have died more than 4200 structures have been destroyed. Cal Fire said Red flag warnings have returned to the North eastern portion of the state. That's due to a combination of gusty winds and low humidity that could continue through much of the week. I'm Brian. What news Support comes from the Dolan law firm representing people affected by unlawful workplace discrimination. Dolan law firm helps fight.

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