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Please visit optimize relief dot com It's 1238 To the WTO traffic center and Rita Kessler Well let's check the trip to the bay bridge if you're on eastbound 50 the delay isn't parole headed across the southern river bridge past four 50 en route two Then you'll hit the brakes again near cape saint Clair headed on to the eastbound span of the bridge the westbound span is running two way traffic so three lanes found two lanes west found to get across the bridge westbound delays out of stevensville trying to make your way on to the westbound span of the bridge due to an earlier wreck that's cleared but we're also seeing a delay on eastbound 50 trying to make your way toward two 13 centerville road delay in the other direction as well So I'm not sure if there's something going on in that intersection after that not a bad trip to four O four Now if you're on the beltway it would awful lot of delays on the beltway Inter loop slows from route one in college park Headed toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway to head southbound in a delay that begins from powder mill road inside the beltway toward four ten with the work in the right lane Delays on the interlude continue past the Parkway however toward four 50 for those of you trying to avoid that backup We also have the slowdown on the outer loop topside approaching and passing Georgia avenue This is the mobile work crew along the left side of the roadway Then an outer loop delay after all George Town road headed to about the point of the merge with the two 70s burn not quite sure what is going on there The callers are reporting a lot of fire response so we may have some kind of a crash or maybe a vehicle fire right around the point where those two merge that may be a little bit of a tricky spot After that it looks good headed across the American legion bridge so that work crews should be gone inner loops There's a little bit headed toward the American legion bridge Southbound 95 year normal volume delays right now Headed all the way into Fredericksburg from the aqua Quan due to it being Friday And we also have the delays in the district on I two 95 in D.C. two 95 a lot of Friday volume there also on the westbound freeway toward the case bridge At GDIT you ensure today is safe and tomorrow is smarter discover careers with impact apply now at GDIT dot com slash careers I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic To storm team four meteorologist chuck bell This beautiful weather we're enjoying here on our Friday is not gonna hang around for the rest of the weekend It'll be dry today afternoon high temperatures will hover in the load of mid 80s Saturday comes mostly cloudy rain likely first thing.

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