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Are listening to the keepers from the kitchen sisters stories of keepers of the culture and the culture and collections thank you what do I keep next to nothing really I'm not the sentimental type the kitchen sisters on the other hand can't help themselves they keep collecting like this moment from New Orleans floating cities David Wagner keeper of water we in Louisiana live on their land the Cajun people have phrases about flow Tom the lan floods is very shallow it has no real route this is the alluvial soil it's always mixed with water this is a floating city but you don't let the water come to the ground you don't let the water come to the surface you're pushing it down pushing it down it's like you refuse to drink the first memory I have of water when I was a small boy the little town I lived flooded in armor going downtown to get the newspaper and hearing that someone might drown then they don't lakes up above the town to catch the run off that was running water and David Wagner Wagner law architecture to practice in New Orleans in the Dutch camp saying about New Orleans you have a water problem but where's the water almost like where's all you can't find it it's hidden inside down to low it's buried in the ground and very expensive country trenches you fundamentally once you get below sea level half that waters landscape or the landscape going to confirm the glass which is where we to me generate you have to have water at the base these all compounds can turn into parts of a circulating system like a momentary system water being the blood of the lamb floating streets where the water table is high rather than trying to drain the water away in the underground letting it come to the surface the street then is a floating street with water on either side in this water connects to other water and then the whole city if you could reconnect the crown on the ground to the sky if you could take the paving offices connect to the ground you're going to reduce the temperature isn't that something people could do about forming these rivers of water that flows through the air our interest the priority is to try to come up with some holistic program seven places sustainable environmental system that complements the engineered system you might as well drink something beautiful you might as well drink something you'd want to be part of I'd rather be part of a garden and I would be another pump station on the same trip to New Orleans they met artifice Brenda square mile archival calling was I believe part of my spiritual calling she told us my name is Brenda village square co.

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