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Berta clemente had exactly three thousand hits when he disappeared over the caribbean and that might have been somewhat in the triangle some asking if you have some information on the triangle and i'm also thinking of customer as an example made it that'd be other examples but she outlived general custer into the thirties became rich writing books lecturing and i just find that amazing someone that was like prominent and the civil war ever error and being you know prominent into the thirties and i'm just asking about babies some people that may have had that overlap of totally different areas and then and then also wilt chamberlain wore the number thirty or see the truth and he did this intentionally you said you know i you know i'm great and when thirteen and i'll show is show you that were actually there's been quite a few athletes who pick their deed for one reason or another you know who've made it successfully in major league baseball and football and and basketball obviously getting back to a roberto clementi he had his three thousand hit at the end of the nineteen seventy one season and the sad part about his death was he was taking relief supplies to nicaragua they had an earthquake there and he he was in puerto rico is where he was from and he was on a flight to nicaragua mercy flight he was taking goods and and and thanks for the people for the relief there and the plane crash did not in the bermuda triangle at crashed right he was from san juan puerto rico crashed right in the bay shortly after takeoff right in the bay the city of san juan and the amazing thing is they've never found his body even though it was not that far out at sea or anything that's one of the mysteries of this there was also a pirate catcher by the name of manny sane jian who is on the same team with roberto clementi and he was to have accompanied committee on that trip but.

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