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Grandfather of herman melville all those years later whether they were very organized they marched down there and they carried along tomahawks they burst into the ship's unopposed and began unloading t the entire affair lasted some three hours and one eyewitness said not the least insult was offered to any person in other words no one was harmed they were very concerned not to damage the ships themselves in fact on one of the ships they broke a padlock and then they replaced it the next morning samya lambs himself dressed up as an indian gave directions there was a whole celebratory air people were jumping up and down they were excited and guys were efficient they went down below they got out the crates of tea and there was a great deal of t to be dumped into boston harbor thirty five thousand pounds of t three hundred and forty two chests and all and in fact the tea was so thick in the harbor that the piles of leaves were lying on top of the water and they were slapping up against the sides of ships and they had to be scraped off sides of ships the next morning you could see the t thirty five thousand pounds of it floating in boston harbor these folks were having a grand old time unfortunately some members of the crowd who came to watch them wanted to take advantage of the situation wanted to take advantage of the situation by getting some free t for themselves but the people who led the boston tea party were absolutely opposed to that a gentleman named george shoes recalls another attempt was made to save a little tea from the ruins of the cargo by a toll aged man who wore large cocked hat and white wig which was fashionable at that time he had slightly slipped a little into his pocket but being detected they seized him and taking his hat and wig from his head through them together with a t of which they had emptied his pockets into the water in consideration of his advanced age he was permitted to escape with now and then a slight kick fortunately they didn't throw him into the water we're talking about boston in december it would have been very cold indeed meanwhile they go marching back to the sound of a fife no one remembers what the fife was playing but they're marching back and they're celebrating on the way back admiral john montagu who was commander in chief of the north american station in charge of his majesty's navy through open a window in the house of an american loyalist friend with whom it'd be having dinner and drinking cups of wine and he set out to the mohawks out in the street fake mohawks well boys you've had a fine pleasant evening for your indian caper haven't you but mind you have got to pay the fiddler yet never mind squire one of them shouted back just come down here if you please and we'll settle the bill in two minutes while the admiral decided not to come down and mess with the mob but the next morning the impact of the boston tea party began to ripple across the known world and to change policy in london toward the colonies forever in a fateful and dramatic direction tell you about it coming back everyone let's all stop what we're doing right now and take them on it that felt good just like that we had a nice special sort of moment together of course they don't all need to be quiet moments to be special be loud moments goofy moments sporty moments dorky moments moments where we talk or walk just hanging out it doesn't really matter they all count because every time dad's like us take a moment light to spend with our kids it's pretty.

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