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Snyder apparently denied the woman's accusations. The team later paid the woman 1.6 million bucks as part of a confidential settlement. That sinkhole that has closed two lanes on southbound two 70 locally and the gathersburg area will keep those lanes shut down for several more weeks, possibly a month, a replacement pipe has to come in, we're told from far outside the area, and that's expected to take possibly even a month. Stay with WTO for more on these developing stories where the time now was four 48. Over to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center. Thanks dean, south side of I 95, thanks to the listener for letting us know about this incident as you make your way through the Laurel area. As you head southbound past two 16, you will start to see those brake lights very quickly. The accident scene happened just south of the Howard county rest area, as of now, looks like only a single left lane is squeezing by. If that, you may only have the far left shoulder available to you based off what the listener didn't form us. Again, the delays are jammed well back towards 32. Northbound side of 95, not looking too terrible. VW park weighs up to speed, northbound side of D.C. two 95, very slow going from just after Pennsylvania avenue up towards nanny Helen Burroughs avenue. This is for the overnight work zone that is still out there, a single lane is all that's getting by. South side, similar story single lane takes you past the suitland Parkway with the work group. Neela Rhodes still shut down between 28th street in good hope road in southeast. This is for some police activity. Down in Virginia 66 completely up to speed, no issues on I 95, interleukin seems like the express lanes are still blocked. Marlo furniture's greatest offer is back just in time for marlowe's red, white, and blue sail, save 40% off on all furniture, plus take an extra 30% off now at marlowe's 4th of July sale, Carlos Ramirez, WTO traffic. Your Wednesday comes with a storm team four weather alert. There is an opportunity for severe weather coming our way this afternoon and this evening, a flood watch has already been issued. It's in effect from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m.. It's for areas west of

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