Mr. Trump, FBI, Russia discussed on WBBM Evening News


The low about twenty six currently twenty eight at O'Hare now CBS CBS news update. A new explosive report says the FBI probed whether president. Trump's secretly worked for Russia. The New York Times says law enforcement officials started the probe days after Mr. Trump fired FBI director James Comey FBI itself worrying about the president and worrying about whether he's involved in Russia and worrying about whether he can be trusted either. With regard to national security or even prior criminal offenses, Laurie Levenson is a Los Angeles based attorney a law professor at Loyola University. Now, we focus on Michael Cohen, but information is coming out. Now that says no it's been overall concerns. Maybe they haven't been disclosed but going back to the minute that Trump took office about this relationship with Russia. The times reports that FBI agents in some top officials became suspicious of Mr. Trump's ties to Russia during the two thousand sixteen campaign but did not launch an investigation then because of its scope CBS news update, I'm Matt piper. WBZ news time ten thirty two TSA workers at Chicago's airports may get some help from the public. If an online fundraiser picks up steam after seeing a government contractors online plea for help during the shutdown Bill Natoli made a donation on go fund me, and then started wondering what about the TSA workers and coast guard members who also aren't getting paid. But I realize well, I wouldn't know how to disseminate coast bear dollars. But I could probably do it through their union germs. So the Downer's grove man has set up a gofundme campaign called dollars for Chicago TSA workers and has reached out to their union. The American federation government employees is steering people to file for unemployment. Instead, Matt mooch hausky says federal employees and the American public who rely on their resources need a budget passed. Nothing else will be remotely equivalent ANSI hardy, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. That's already is in northwestern. Wisconsin say they're still trying to determine the link if there is one between a teen girl and the man police say kidnaps her and killed her parents three months ago for now thirteen year old Jamie clauses, recovering a day after she slipped away from her kidnapper and was rescued by a woman walking her dog clause is now.

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