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Could see the water take on a slightly oily sheen just as Guang had promised it. She climbed in slowly. Warm water felt so nice. Tired Skin. She curved her neck and slid entirely beneath the surface to enjoy the quiet and let the seeds do their work. After a few moments, soaking kill began to lift your head out of the water. But. There was something blocking her way the viscous wait she couldn't recognize or define. She opened her eyes slowly. But she couldn't see much of anything. Provision was shrouded in a glowing darkness. She was squinting trying to understand when she realized but darkness was moving. It wasn't a single entity. It was hundreds of smaller ones. Large massive dark seeds congealed together forming a Gelatin Mike Layer on the top of the water. For lungs burned with Anita breeze. Kia Clot her hands through the surface searching for a break large enough to feed her head through. Every time she managed to claw few gaps into the layer, but dark shapes pushed in to block the holes. The world was starting to shift around her maybe your eyes were deceiving her but it looked as though the seeds for growing into long tendrils above her blocking out light and escape. Her arms were sore from trying to fight the immovable mass. Her eyes burn her heartbeat loudly in her ears she could feel herself starting to lose energy. Keough didn't know how much fight she had left in her. The water was starting to turn cold body was shivering underneath the blanket of seeds she was so tired. It would be easy just to go to sleep. Her corpse would be pretty enough that would have to do. She thought s eyelids drifted closed. Even, the painful training prolongs began to fade as her vision closed in. She gave into to the strange syrupy way to the seeds in the water. And let her body go still. Up Next, kiyo learns the not so healing properties of her new regimen. 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She followed her friend's advice in saw Guang stunning and successful healer who shop deep in central Seoul. The Remedy Guang had given her seemed legitimate. The positive effects of sesame oil on skin and hair was well documented. But this was seeds not the oil. The seeds had expanded in the hot water preventing kill from racing your head through the oiling layer. She want as hard as she could, but it wasn't enough. She went still on the bottom of the soaking tub ready to admit defeat. But something shook her awake. Keough's is opened. She could have sworn that a pair of hands touched her. But she couldn't focus on that. She had to turn all her attention on using the last of her strength to find air for her drowning lungs to get out. She found purchase her hands on the edge of the TUB and surged upwards. The layer of seeds felt thick against your skin. She could feel them sliding down her body as she forced herself through the surface. Keough sucked in a massive breath of air as she sat up in the TUB. The water was cloudy cold. The unexpected central high biscuits lay thick around the room. She looked down to risk skin. And screamed. The sesame seeds no longer clung to the water. Now, they were clinging to her skin. She could feel the small hair like vines burrowing into her flash each one widening underneath the surface. Loud knock startled Keough from her horror. Her mother's voice came from the other side. She was worried about how much time keough spent bathtub. Keough bitter lip until it bled holding in sound for pain as she stood up. When she caught her reflection in the large bathroom mirror. She nearly fell back into the TUB. Every inch of her skin was dotted with a tiny black seeds. Tiny webs of pink flesh could be seen between them. But that only made the patchwork more unnerving. It looks like she'd become a nest for a million tiny insects. Her mother couldn't see her like this. Keel, yelled out a few words of reassurance to her mother. She hoped that the sound of water sloshing enough to drown out the panic in her voice. Her mother kept knocking. keells mind was racing. She needed to fix this. Her left hand went to her right arm. She pulled that one of the sesame seeds. But it wouldn't move. It felt almost like a scab. But more resilient. She worked her fingernail beneath the seed, but she couldn't find a way to get all the way under. The seeds had embedded themselves into every one of pours. Keough needed to be more aggressive. She took a deep breath and yanked on the small seat as hard as she could it's stung and pinched. She let out a short quick braff trying to push the pain away. For, fingers slipped against the smooth surface tears and snot were starting to drip down into the sink..

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