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Some Chinese subsidies and pure Scott Horsley forces warnings got thanks you're welcome it's morning edition on WNYC I'm Richard hake the backlash continues against new York's new law that ends most forms of cash bail and it's Karen dewitt reports Republicans in Albany are ramping up the pressure on Democrats to change the law New York ended most forms of cash bail on January first Republicans who are in the minority in the Senate say they are concerned about the growing number of instances of repeat criminal offenders released without bail well then gone on to commit yet another offense Senate GOP leader John Flanagan says Democrats need to act to restore cash bail for some more serious crimes and to give judges more discretion to set bail if the defendant is believed to be a danger to the community they are tone deaf they're not listening to people back in their districts between last week and this week there's been almost a hundred bills introduced through the powerful rules committee not one not one on criminal justice not one on anything that we've talked about not one on anything modifying a law repealing law from last year the Republicans are also objecting to new proposals by some Senate Democrats they would allow people in prison to become automatically eligible for parole review when they turn fifty five senator Fred action are is a former Broome county deputy sheriff today is just another step in the wrong direction but to think that just because someone is fifty five if they're a serial murderer or a serial rapist that they would get parole I think every New Yorker needs to know just how bad a piece of policy that is equally as bad as before some Senate Democrats from Long Island have proposed bills to modify the bail reform laws senator Jim gore and has proposed a bill that would add manslaughter and some terrorism related charges back to the list of crimes that would be eligible for cash bail senator Monica Martinez his bill would give judges more power to hold the defendant in jail before their trial if they're deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others Senate leader and restored cousins was non committal well we will certainly look at those bills like we look at any number of bills store cousin says no one should interpret her comments as a lack of urgency but she says the law needs to be given a chance to work before changes are made I try and keep it all in perspective changes hard change around this system is particularly hard and it's been two weeks and I want to be able to sort out the facts from fear mongering I want to be able to look at reality and data as opposed to just reacting to you know whatever people are saying who are not necessarily trying to reform a system that we know has been broken family members of crime victims were planning a rally on Long Island to advocate for changes to the bail reform laws in Albany I'm Karen to wet support for NPR comes from member.

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