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It is two forty five pm in Tokyo. We have the Japanese yen trading at one hundred twelve point eight seven against the US dollar Japanese stocks. The Nikkei down almost a fifth of a percent. But if you view it in the context of what was happening earlier this morning when the index was down almost one point six percent. Well, it's a little bit of a recovery. Okay. Let's check in now on the first word headlines from around the world, excuse me, the business flash whichever Mao Deborah, thanks, Tracy. Thanks vision plan. Well, invest two billion dollars in coupon. Funding development of new shopping and delivery services for South Korea's biggest online retailer groupon sells products from consumer electronics to food and claims that half Korea's population has downloaded it's mobile app. It's another big bet on commerce for soft bank's she's on who made a fortune. Backing Alibaba Hong Kong tycoon, Victor Lee is taking steps to prepare has European infrastructure business for a London. IPO CK infrastructure says it's considering selling minority interests in some of its assets to a new investment company to be listed on the London stock exchange, the IPO could give CK infrastructure more firepower for deals would also cut its exposure to the UK ahead of Brexit. I can't to open its largest ever store in Manila as the company makes a big bet on Asia, sixty five thousand square meter outlet will be an S Prime Holdings mall of Asia. It's a space equivalent to one hundred fifty basketball courts and almost twice the size of typical Kia shops. The company has earmarked about one hundred thirty five million dollars to build stock and staff the store which catered to five million households in a sixty minute radius. And that's your Bloomberg business flash. All right. Deborah. Thanks so.

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