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We would greatly appreciated and that would help to make this podcast that much that and if you can't give up the bucks a month then give us the review at the i tunes roger or wherever you listened to your podcasting such rations and tell a friend why not how are we going along with the crush tom's car that cars getting crushed yum tell you that i that car will be crust may be before the end of the year i have to look into it now it's good enough that's what i'm gonna say it's good enough i don't i don't want to sell it aminu uh i'm already working on now fit for that day who yeah that's cool uh oh at skains i got my worker gloves ready to go at it even realize that there were outfits that you could wear for crushing card yeah dugout makers lawns the ones that used for painting uhhuh you know they looked really well worn out of work shirt and i'm ready to crush tom's cowards not ashley you that's crushing the car i know but i wanna watch you push the button the machine that goes there may be some sort of osceola regulation against that kind of thing but we'll see i don't know would just have to pam off with the patriarch's money uh very of so let's cash yet into it robert this first article comes to us from trek in fact it looks like the first two articles come from electric embodied dhl as you mentioned in the pre a post pre part of this show has purchased ten more electric trucks not ten more maybe ten but ten more have been ordered from tesla yes of this brings the tally for the tesla truck above two hundred ordered pretty good that's very good for very expensive vehicle everybody is saying this is so we have dhl is in this story there's also walmart lob laws which if you're in canada you know who they are rider jb hunt which i see all the time when i'm driving out on the highways in california and they're an example of that were not one hundred percent sure where we're going to be all the time as is dhl probably in some respects and so they've said we're ordering these trucks to put them on established routes this conglomeration of what i've heard established routes we're going to trial the truck.

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