ATI, La Times, Mister Gatti discussed on Opening Arguments


Have an ati to the la times said we had substantial justification for what we filed in the court found nothing wrong with it our clients have received every penny that they are entitled to every penny so yeah that it again in my view these are not behaviors that skirt close to the line right look like we've talked about it before we know of an ati skirts close to the line you know there are different kinds of litigation strategies and you know and he's been very very effective today these actions if true obviously crossed the line so you know we it's important we've we've talked about the guy a lot and it's important i think for us to to bring all of that reporting to light and and to corroborate it where we can right yeah man disappointing to say the least but wow okay is there anything to keep an eye on or is this is much as the reporting can do i mean do you think do you anticipate any any more breaks in that kind of story or is it just a question of well here's what we found and people have to make their own judgments yeah the only thing that would constitute a break would be if any law enforcement officials were interested in tobin and wanted to bring pressure on tobin to flip right that's that's what you would look for i again i don't know ordinarily it's not something that you would imagine would rise to that level but you know given the high profile nature of mister gatti's legal dealings it might that's what i would look for is if you see gerald tobin in the news that means that we're about to revisit this and again it's the flip it's the it's the flip side of the muller investigation right like nobody is the slightest bit interested in gerald tobin it would be solely to gain leverage over tobin to get him to flip on noddy and again we need to be clear right.

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