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But we've heard Doug Peterson. Mentioned that mixing in the run in the past. And and being more balanced is better for the team. But I'm really struggling to figure out a way that this team is going to be able to run the ball against this Texans front seven. Do you? See the eagles getting away from the running game this week or do you think they're they'll continue to try and pounded up the middle. And and figure out a way. Yes. Oh, the Texans actually ranked second overall in run defense way, and they rank first in terms of Ponant yards per carry. So. The run it's going to be tough this week. Josh Adams really didn't have a great game efficiency wise against the Ramsey that touchdown, but he was under two yards per carry there. So he wasn't really that. Great one small randomly after you know. Like, it's infuriating tweeted early in the game goes like because he got the first care of the game. All eagles are giving Smallwood carries for some reason. And of course, he has the kind of gamy does before like this didn't age. Well, I'm like come on guys small would come on touch. He got phase rotation. He'd one touch in the last three weeks. And then like, I'm an idiot for saying they're getting the ball apparently. But I think the offense of lines. There was a lot of credit there. And I think that's kinda what gives you some confidence. You'll might be able to run the ball at least somewhat effectively this group. It's not so much about the opponent. It's just that this often divine is playing at a very high level right now they are opening holes for these bags and they credit the Baxter making some plays. Like we saw Smallwood kind of bounce through some tackles, which is not typically characteristic of him. So to see maybe you can get some more of that Darren sproles us week. What are the of? I'm thinking it's the Cowboys game or no I think it was last week. He like three thirty. Yeah. So like he was pretty efficient when they got. Him the ball. You not obviously gonna use him as a belco by any means by the see him get some touches in there that helps out overall on the sex and seem kind of when revisit the idea here that they're they're solid. They're enter a good team. But I don't think they're an elite team. I don't think they're as good quite as good as their record indicates. They are thirteenth in DVI, as you just mentioned that kind of you know, as a tell there for a team that ranked second overall in conference that is only thirteenth in Devia way. I think they're only about like eighth, and pointed French all that kind of shows you they're not quite like this top five elite team as much as they are just a good team and looking back to that win streak. I mean, boy, I just think that's they got a lot of favorable outcomes. In there in the sense of like a lot of these are one possession games. Two of them were in overtime to more separate ones where on late a play where opponent missed a last second field goal to win the game. They add some breaks in here. And that's what you need to get winning streaks in the NFL. But you. At the Ames where they had more than one possession. Final score results. Like, they know wasn't a one possession game and the quarterbacks in those games where Blake Bortles Brock Osweiler, Marcus mariota. You know, tightened seem has been up and down this year..

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