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Think about the collars that are going to change the year if it'll bloom and seem to about adding fruit trees anything that bears so that could be nuts. That could be fruits. That could be apples or citrus. Or whatever plant grows well in your in your area. We have a home in south Texas. On the Gulf coast in it we've got citrus trees everywhere lemons grapefruits and pink naval oranges. That are just divine. They taste like a if a if somebody were to put a An Angel into a an orange. That's it would taste like it's the sweetest thing so find something that bears fruit in son. Whether like I said it's a it's a A nut or a fruit of some kind. It's even flowering trees that that bears. Its when you have a home that is surrounded by trees that are giving you something like beautiful flowers or nuts or fruits it becomes more your home becomes more abundant and that's always always a good thing all right well. I hope this is inspired you to get out into the garden and to do some landscaping and just drive through some neighborhoods. Drive through your neighborhood and look around and see if you can spot the houses with the Garden Dragon. I think you're GonNa love doing that as a little experiment. And if you feel like sharing that with me please do all right well. Let's end up with our latte with our three tips as always here at the last of of five minute funkaway..

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