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We go. Gaga solo Lena in the back. Tolkien, by the way, I want to see my man. I want to see that mullet running down the left hand side. I want to see what he's got. I know what Jonathan Gomez. Listen, I know what jogo has got. I want to see what this kid has. I want to see him up close and personal here in LA. I will be there. Walker's Zimmerman, Jalen Neil. There's a reason they brought this kid up. He's not playing much with the galaxy if at all is what those but I want to see what this kid is about. The John Jones. Very interesting for me. He can play both sides. Let's put him on the right right now. He impressed me and you guys will see this interview. With his mentality, probably the best mentality we had or we experienced in that MLS media day. I don't know if you agree with me on that one, but I thought it was a bull of yo. Kellen Acosta, you need a veteran, you need somebody who's going to be defensively sound because the two in front of them. Yeah. A little bit of a two way but mostly offensive and that's a Paxton errands and little brother of yes, Brendan aaronson, one of the better prospects of the region. And Alan sonora. And I'll mention him in a bit right now, but I'm very intrigued of what he's about. What he can do, huge opportunity for him. Kate Cal on the left hand side. I'm going with some speed. Brandon Vasquez. I think it's pretty much your has to be the starter number 9. You gotta see what he's about. On the right hand side. So both wingers are inverted with the ability to run at you one more vertical. The other more shifty. But send that guys keep an eye on everybody thinks he's out now winner, excuse me. He's not. He's a central player who's found himself on the wing and been very successful. I like what you've done here. I definitely want to see Gaga so Nina for sure, so I like that you started him and you put the World Cup guys there in the spine, right? Walker Zimmerman, Kellen Acosta, so that should. I did. Solidify things with all the new moving parts around it as we take a look at perks ideal. U.S. men's national team starting 11 for the January camp friendly against Serbia on Wednesday, the 25th. As you see there, one of the players in hercs. Ideal. U.S. men's national team 11 is dewan Jones. Dewan Jones. One of the folks that we spoke to at Major League Soccer media day. Let's listen in to that interview. Dewan John's New England revolution next with us here on football America. Welcome to the show. Great to have you with us here on ESPN. Yeah, thank you guys for having me. All right, so before we get into all the soccer, tell us about your off season kind of what do you do between the end of 2022 and where we are at today? Yeah, so after the season ends, I'll take

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