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Magic Johnson, Lakers, GM discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


Hey no, no way. No, those kind of things. This is not the court of law does not a legal issue. We understand why denials are not as vehement when you're dealing with the court of law, because anything could be held against you. And so the best thing to do is shut the hell up. That's true. This thing that this public relations went to one Sokoto public opinion, but take Yuli as you addressing lake nation. That's what this is. So link is on a reckless bake show, we're clear. He's denied this. He's the nodded his any truth to this. He talked about a wonderful working relationship with Magic Johnson, all is to. And by the way, fairness magic to rob Lieko. I was doing the exit meeting that evolved, LeBron James Ropley. Imagine Johnson Rich Paul the Saturday before Magic Johnson's regular. Resignation the last Saturday before the season ended. That rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson looked absolutely fine. Didn't appear to be any problems whatsoever. They seemed completely on the same page perfectly allowed to one another and getting along. So anything happen must have happened from that Saturday to that Tuesday when Magic Johnson abruptly resigned. To their winter, whatever day it was. All thing is, is it just me Joan. I mean if you if somebody says unlike that about you, don't you denials need to be a bit more vehement than that. I'm just saying that's just me. Showing you live today. Joan. Be man, you better hurry up. He's about to get a dial tone on, on national go ahead. Here's my question. If rob Palinka is still Lakers, GM. How do you believe he's gonna get with deal with other GM's in order to get the latest track sat right there? That's the problem, I think he has I was told that there were various GM to wouldn't even return calls magic had to get on the phone 'cause they didn't wanna talk to rob Pelinka. And I know how a lot of agents feel about N fairness to wrong. They could be lying. It could be jealousy or envy. But that's a whole lot of people feeling jealous and envious about you. And I don't think anybody would accuse Magic Johnson being jealous or envious of rob link. Exactly. How does he handle this going forward and to make the Lakers? Well Magic Johnson said it best she can't have so many people in ear if fluency decisions and forcing hall compelling her to usurp the thirties of people she loves and trusts, like Magic Johnson. That's what she said. That's what badge Johnson, sit rather. So we'll see we shall see. Let's go to junior. You live Stephen. They talked to junior. Junior are you there? Junior Doug Yule Stephen. Case, even they might question is considering Davis father already said, it's only the Knicks and the Lakers that he considered saying extension with. Is there any realistic way that the pelicans can actually reject off? Or let's say the Lakers come with random Ingram who's mine the fourth overall pick like is there any way they can, actually the Klein that offer a way they can climb whatever they want. They don't have to accept the deal from somebody. The pelicans that's the pelicans. Right. The pelicans don't have to do. They don't have to do anything with their own talent on the country. Terry. I mean, I just don't feel the Knicks have the young prospect. So to come anywhere near that type of offer, you know, I mean, I think it would be foolish for them to not automatically accept that immediately. I mean that's why they fired their GM GM was full. If the reports were true that they had the Lakers had offered coups Ingram and ball. And supposedly they rejected that off writing. That's one of the most foolish moves in NBA history by, by their by that French Iowa saying they deserve to be in the position, they're in while then bene- position now because David Griffin, new GM and Alvin gentry is a hell of a coach, which Magic Johnson made sure to give credit to where credit was due pre the call. Thank you so much. Edited say,.

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Magic Johnson, Lakers, GM discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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