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Really does. She really likes Ghandi so Anita made me feel so good when I came here I met you guys. I was really nervous because obviously there was a lot going on in my life changing jobs potentially and you're the first person that I encountered when I walked in here and you made me feel so happy and can you give me compliments and you made me feel comfortable and you set the ball rolling down the right path and I love you for it and I thought this is the right place. Women's seeing that makes me feel feel really good. 'cause I especially like with new interns coming in. I know they're nervous. They're you know feeling uncomfortable out of sorts and always WanNa make them feel welcome and know now is going to be okay. We're all nice here you know. And they're going to have a good experience. So you're what you're hearing here is real deal. Anita this is not a script this it sounds it sounds. It's almost too good to be true so I wanna say something to them. I don't want to embarrass you but I do know for a fact that every two weeks we we get paid we food. I heart believe it or not. They still have money and I know that every every two weeks a large chunk of what you get you send out to others who are in need and who needs some Lovin who needed Who are out there? Trying to live their dream. They just can't find the footing and you help them find that we we know you do that and I know that you don't want anyone to know you do that. You keep it secret but I wanted to bring it out loud because I want everyone to use any to as an example on many different levels and how to live your life so when you leave the IHEART IHEART family to go out into the cold cruel world. You'll be coming back in time to really well. That's what are you planning on doing with your time. Now that you are going to have more time out in the real world well I WANNA WANNA I wanNA travel some. I WANNA go back to Paris I want to go to Hawaii. I WanNa go on some cruises..

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